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Thorpe Lea Primary School

'A dedicated community working together, nurturing a safe, happy school where all children can achieve their potential'



All pupils are given weekly homework tasks, I would ask that maximum effort is given to ensure it is completed and returned on time. Although I hope the children are able to take responsibility for and complete their work independently, I am always delighted when parents choose to help children who become stuck. Please don't be afraid to support your child if they need extra help at home. Should a set task baffle even the adults, please don't hesitate to come and see me!



Your child is expected to read every evening for 10 minutes. They need to bring their reading book and signed homework diary into school every morning. Children who do not read at home will need to catch up with it during  either their break or lunchtime. Books will normally be changed on Thursdays.



Your child will be provided with a spelling rule on a Thursday and a list of words connected with this rule. Every day, we will complete activities linked to the spellings ready for their test on Wednesday giving pupils several days to practice their spellings. In order to help with revision, children are asked to write a range of sentences using their sentences (see the spelling ideas sheet in their homework book) . Alternatively, a creative short story can be written which requires the children to use their spellings correctly in sentences. Weekly spellings are also uploaded to Kids Spell so children can play online games. The link is here or click on the logo below.

They will also be provided with an additional literacy / topic task and if necessary a punctuation or grammar activity as well.



Pupils are asked to practice their tables daily. They will have a weekly times tables test which is individually set. In addition, extra challenges will be provided on a weekly basis which will require children to talk about their maths and use different strategies to work out the answers.


One piece of homework a week will be set, sometimes this will be online using our new subscription 'Purple Mash'.

Anyone who doesn't have access to the internet at home will be able to complete online homework using either our lunchtime or afterschool homework club.


Homework is handed out on a Thursday

Homework is due in the following Tuesday

(Should there be any problem with meeting the weekly deadline, please speak to me before Tuesday)