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Last half term we focused on developing our ability to answer word problems and to be able to understand EXACTLY what the question is asking. The students understand that often the wording is there to trick us but if they read through the questions carefully, it becomes much clearer what they need to do.


We are continuing with PROBLEM SOLVING THURSDAYS and this is something that has made an immeasurable amount of impact on the students; they are now confident at working with others and are no longer only focused on the answer but are now curious to find out why as well as challenging their current skills which is AMAZING. 


It is important that all the students continue to practice their times tables and that will come up frequently this half term. We will also be focusing on addition and subtraction using formal method, dividing a 2-digit number by 3, 4 or 8, statistics and collecting data. It is a jam-packed half term and I am extremely excited to get started as I know the students will thoroughly enjoy what is in store.