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Red Pandas - Year 4






I hope Year Four had a restful Christmas and are excited about another busy few weeks of learning!


This half term we will turn our focus to Invaders and Settlers, we will be closely looking at the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and discovering the influences they had on Great Britain.


I look forward to an exciting first term with year 4, they have already shown me an enthusiastic and hard-working attitude.


Please visit this page regularly for any updates.


In English we are starting the term by looking Martin Jenkin's version of Gulliver by Jonathan Swift-

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This book links in nicely with our topic Invaders and Settlers. We will be looking at all the weird and wonderful places Gulliver discovers on his travels around the world.

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Invaders and Settlers is our main topic this term and we will be looking closely at the impact invasions have had on Great Britain, especially the Viking Invasion.

Places of interest that you could visit


 It is always nice to compliment in school learning by having some fun trips to museums and outdoor centres at the weekends, or during the school holidays. They provide an excellent opportunity to delve into a subject more and increase one's knowledge further. See below for some places to go.








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