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Red Pandas - Year 4





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This term we will be looking at the topic of the Anglo-Saxons. Below is a brief summary of what we will cover across the foundation subjects.


History- The Anglo-Saxons

Geography- Village Settlers

Art/DT- Still Life Drawing

French- Celebrations

Science-Living Things and their Habitats (Plants)

Music-Class Orchestra

RE-How the Church Began

PE-Tag Rugby and Body Weight Exercises

Computing-Toy Design

PSHE- Money Matters






In English we will be studying Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman. This is a fiction text which explores the adventures a young Viking boy. Year 4 will be focusing on writing an alternative version of this story -changing the characters and settings- each week in their big write.

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Reading Challenge


We are starting a new reading challenge. Each child has been given a special bookmark this term. For each week of completed reading they will earn a gold star to stick on their Viking boat. The children with a boat full of stars at the end of the term will earn a special prize!








Below is a summary of the math topics week by week.


Week 1- Place Value

Week 2- Subtraction 

Week 3- Division (Fractions)

Week 4-2D Shapes

Week 5-Mental Calculation


Timestables News


We are starting an exciting new challenge with timestables! Each week on Friday students will do a time bonded timestables test. They will have 90 seconds to complete as many questions as they can on a particular timestable. If they can sucessfully complete the test, and get all answers correct, they will earn a Viking warrior card. The aim is to collect as many cards as they can. The person with the most cards at the end of the term will earn a special prize!






















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