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Red Pandas - Year 4






I hope year four had a restful break and are excited for a busy final term.




This term we will be looking at the topic of the polar regions, focusing in on Antarctica.

Firstly, we will be examining the world's continents and will be learning to use atlases, enabling us to locate some major world oceans and naming countries and capitals within each continent. Next. the focus will shift towards scrutinising Antarctica in more dept, placing an emphasis on climate, wildlife, hours of daylight and geographical features. This links nicely with our English text for this term which tells the tale of a renowned polar explorer. 






In English we will be studying  Shackleton's Journey  by William Grill . This is a non-fiction text which explorers Ernest Shackleton's expedition to the South Pole, with the aim of crossing Antarctica .


Image result for shackleton's journey


Our main goal this term is to improve the quality of our descriptions. The fantastic illustrations in this book should provide inspiration, enabling us to  enhance the quality of our descriptions through the senses.

Children will choose to take on the persona of one of the crew mates this term and will write in role sending letters and recounts of events home to their families. 






Below is a summary of the maths topics week by week.


Week 1- Mental addition, subtraction and multiplication

Week 2- Written addition, subtraction and multiplication

Week 3- Statistics

Week 4-Written multiplication and division, fractions and decimals

Week 5-Written multiplication and division, fractions and decimals



Please make sure times tables are practised a couple of times a week at home, little and often is the best way to tackle these.  Students will need to know all their timestables off by heart by the end of this term.




Please ensure reading is done on a weekly basis with an adult. To ensure your child's reading skills are fully developing, it is important you question them on their understanding of the each text, once completed please sign the diary before Thursday (when books are changed) and I will ensure new books are issued. Books will not be changed until your child's diary is signed to say the reading has been done.


I have asked year 4 to show evidence that non- written homework, such as spellings and timestables, is completed. This can be as simple as a signature in their homework book from a parent or guardian, or some children prefer to show some practise work in their book. Your support with this is very much appreciated.




It was wonderful to see year 4 getting fully stuck into swimming this term. Please can you ensure your child has their kit for each Tuesday's swimming session, a towel, swimsuit and a hat are required, goggles are optional.

















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