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Red Pandas - Year 4






I hope everyone had a restful summer break and are excited to

get stuck into year 4!





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This term we will be looking at the topic of ancient China, focusing in on the Shang Dynasty. Below is a brief week by week summary.


Week 1- Asking historical questions and researching key facts.

Week 2-The organisation and structure of Shang cities.

Week 3-Shang farming and irrigation techniques.

Week 4-Shang religion.

Week 5-Shang writing.

Week 6-The legend of the first Shang king.


We will be doing some exciting projects in art and DT this term, such as; making a model Chinese city, making Chinese porridge, drawing Chinese gods and making oracle bones.






In English we will be studying  The Iron Man  by Ted Hughes . This is a fiction text which tells the wonderful story of a young boy's relationship with a giant made of iron.


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Children will discover a crime scene on day one and will have to ask investigative questions to uncover what was found. They will then work on writing a newspaper report sharing their findings. Next, we will explore the devices used by an author to build a sense of mystery and suspense. After, we will look at the idea of conscience and try write a letter to influence a character's decision. Children will then examine the use of imagery in writing and work on improving the quality of their own descriptions, with the final aim of writing a descriptive poem. Finally, we will end the term with children creating and writing their own suspense story.






Below is a summary of the math topics week by week.


Week 1- Mental addition and subtraction 

Week 2- Place value

Week 3- Multiplication, division and fractions

Week 4-Time and length

Week 5-Written addition and subtraction



Please make sure times tables are practiced a couple of times a week at home, little and often is the best way to tackle these.  Students will need to know all their timestables off by heart by the end of this term.


















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