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Red Wolves - Year 6





Following a short but extremely busy first half term, I welcome you all once again to the lair of the Red Wolves! We have much to cover and enjoy over the course of our shortest term, culminating in a trip to Hampton Court Palace!


We welcome new members to the Wolf Back this term, pupils and staff, as we continue our journey on this most intensive but enriching year of all. As it will be your last year here at Thorpe Lea, our aim is to make it the most memorable of years and ensure you go off to new adventures in 'big school' confident, prepared and full of happy memories. 


A Red wolf only ever succeeds in a pack



Being a year 6 pupil here at Thorpe Lea comes with many new expectations and responsibilities but I know each and everyone of you will be able to succeed. Some of this expectations include:


  • Giving 100% to your learning every single day - even when it is difficult
  • Working together to help each and every person in Year 6 achieve their potential
  • Leading by example to all other pupils; being good role models for younger children
  • Presenting ourselves smartly each day
  • Having a positive and committed attitude to our learning


I am so very excited to be teaching you all again this year - we are going to have an amazing year together. Here is a snapshot of just a few of the fantastic activities and experiences that await us in year 6: 


  • Our end of Year 6 Production
  • A full programme of sport events and tournaments
  • SATs preparation and tests
  • Year 6 Hampton Court Class Trip
  • Year 6 Pizza Party
  • The world famous Year 6 waterballoon and pillow fight


Lets make your final year here at Thorpe Lea a truly memorable one!


On this page you will find all sorts of information that will help you and your child work effectively. If you have suggestions for any other resources that may be useful to share with parents, please let me know.


Mr Ward 




Worried about your child making the transition to secondary school? The following websites offer practical advice and guidance to help you support your child.


Thorpe Lea Primary obviously want to do as much as we can to support you and your child as they make the change this summer. Should any parent feel anxious or concerned, please take the opportunity to come and speak with me. I will be happy to offer any advice, guidance or support which is required to help you through the move.


However, the best piece of advice I can give is simply this: don't worry. However big or scary the move might appear, our children are wonderfully resilient and resourceful. They will make it work! 





We will continue to learn all about one of the most revolutionary historical dynasties of all time - the Tudors!  We will be finding out all about life in Tudor England, how the country was changed forever, what made William Shakespeare quite so talented and just why Henry VIII ended up having six wives! And no Tudor topic would ever be complete without a visit to the magnificent, world renowned Hampton Court Palace and maze - Wednesday, 28th March. (Details have been sent out; please contact the School Office should you require further information)    

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Teriible Tudors

A song about the Tudors, subbed.

The Tudor Dance

King Henry VIII

I Am King Henry (The Six Wives of Henry the 8th with LYRICS)

Here is a fun animation and original, well almost, song to help you to learn and remember the names and circumstances of the six wives of King Henry VIII of England. Enjoy learning a bit about the notorious King Henry and the fate of each of his six wives.

CBeebies: Who is William Shakespeare?

Find out interesting facts about the famous playwright, William Shakespeare.

A recap on the fun and adventures enjoyed the Red Wolves last year


Now lets start making our own memories in 2017-18!

Year 6 Spring timetable and learning overview

Getting Out and About

Nothing can support an individual's learning more than by providing engaging opportunities to get out into the real world! Museums and local sites of historical interest are fantastic places to focus a child's interest and enthusiasm. We are therefore fortunate to have a selection of facilities, near and far, appropriate for our children and which I highly recommend. If you and your family do visit any interesting place, we would love to hear all about it so please bring in pictures, leaflets and any other information you find out!




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Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6


All pupils in the school are given weekly homework and we ask that maximum effort is given to ensure it is completed and returned on time. Although we hope the children are able to take some responsibility and complete their work independently, we are delighted when parents choose to help children who become stuck. Please don't be afraid to support your child if they need some support and extra help at home. Should a set task baffle adults, please don't hesitate to come and see me.



Your child has been given a table featuring 24 different activities - all chosen or suggested by themselves! The aim is to try and complete as many of the activities as possible - these are all extremely good fun AND offer a fantastic learning opportunity. These challenges do not need to be recorded but I love to receive examples, pictures or models in class so please try to record anything that does happen. A challenge can be done multiple times. Each pupils should aim to complete one of the challenges each week.


All homework is expected to be completed to the same standard as classwork - poor presentation and effort will be not be accepted here at Thorpe Lea. 



Your child is expected to read every evening for 10 minutes. They need to bring their reading book and signed homework diary into school every morning. Children who do not read at home will need to catch up with it during their lunchtime. The expectation is that they read one book a week in-depth. I would also like to see a mix of fiction and non fiction books. As a class, we are not as confident or fluent as we need to be. It is a major area of development which we will work on together!



Your child will be provided with a spelling rule on a Thursday and a list of words connected with this rule. Each morning we will practice the spellings before holding a test on Friday morning. These words will taken predominantly from the Year 5 and 6 spelling word list which can be found in the National Curriculum. 


A literacy task will also be provided every two weeks in rotation with Numeracy.


Please note with SATs approaching later in the school year, additional homework will be given to help pupils prepare thoroughly. Should you wish for your child to have additional homework to help consolidate their learning, please come and speak with me.



Pupils are asked to practice their times tables on a short, daily routine. They will usually have a times tables test on Monday; however their knowledge of their number facts greatly improves their daily performance in numeracy.


A piece maths homework will be provided on a bi-weekly basis (on rotation with literacy) which will require children to talk about their maths and use different strategies to work out the answers.


Anyone who is unable to complete homework at home, can attend homework club in our Library and ICT suite on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes.


Homework hand out day: Thursday

Homework is due in day: Tuesday

(Should there be any problem with meeting the weekly deadline, please speak to me before Thursday)

Example homework template

Challenge by Choice Activities



I have provided some ideas for how to help support your child at home to enable them to acquire the skills they will need here at Thorpe Lea and beyond.  I have included documents about supporting your child in reading, writing and with their speaking and listening skills. It is so important that home and school work together to help children reach their full potential so I hope this will provide few ideas about how this can be achieved.


Please let me know if you have found this useful or have any further questions.


Helping your child to read with greater understanding

Supporting your child with practical every day maths skills

Helping your child through questioning

Developing advanced Speaking and Listening skills with your child

Encouraging your child to write with freedom

Additional Online Maths and Literacy Programmes


Web Links for SATS preparation