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We will learn all about animals and how they survive in their individual habitats, including how humans breathe and the structure of our skeleton. This particular topic is extremely interesting and allows the class to understand their bodies a little bit more. By the end of the topic, they will be able to explain the importance of nutrition, how the respiratory system works and how muscles work. 


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Bones Song

Upper arm-humerus bone it's true The forearm is separated in two It is made radius/ulna Carpals-wrist bones, metacarpals are fingers Four types of bones broken up Flat bones ribs in your chest Long bones are curved at a place Fingers making a fist They can be short, knobby nuggets Like

Outside the Classroom: Animals Including Humans

Sign up for free (UK only): A class trip to a zoo or a farm provides opportunities to gather information and observe animals that are not found in the local environment. This film shows how a trip to the zoo can provide a great starting point for children to start thinking about identification and classification of different animals.