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Snow Leopards - Year 5

Year 5 Spring 1

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and I welcome you all back to a new calendar year and a continuation of our journey through Year 5.


This half term we are starting a new English book called, 'Oliver Twist' by Charles Dickens. This gives the class the opportunity to explore a classic text by a well-known author.


Our topic this half term is looking at the UK. You'll find some videos below all about the UK. A copy of our maths overview is also available below.


I look forward to continuing to work with you and your children for our second term together in Year 5.


Please have a look at our E-Safety pages and check that your child is being safe online at home. We do our best in school to educate about online safety, but if this is enforced at home as well, we can really help protect your children. We have had a focus on E-Safety recently, especially as it was Safer Internet Day on 6th February. Click the link below to see the children's E-Safety page on the school website.


Please see below for information regarding events this half term.


Mr Bernard



Dates for your diary:

Thursday 3rd January - School Begins

Tuesday 5th February - Choir Young Voices

Friday 8th February - PTA Disco


Below there will be a series of links to help in building a bank of resources for our Topic. If you have any more suggestions, please let me know.

Please click on the icon above to access the homework sheets. This will be updated each week.


Image result for abacus logo

 This year we have begun to use the Abacus Maths scheme in our lessons. Please find below the planned lessons for this half term. Please use this to provide extra support to your child at home.

Maths is not the easiest subject for some people at school and it can take time for us to see the value in learning the subject and to get our heads around some of the concepts. Below are some useful sites to practice using the different strategies that we use in class.


Feel free as well to get hold of the CGP Maths books. These are a great resource for going through clear maths questions and they lay them out in an easy to read format. There are a range of different books, some that go together as a textbook and then a question book.

The United Kingdom

UK Geography/ UK Country

England: Big Ben - Travel Kids in Europe



Every child in the school is given weekly tasks to complete at home. Please ensure that the maximum amount of effort is put into completing these tasks, as they will help inform your child's learning in class and some may also form the basis of some lessons. If your child can complete these tasks independently, it will give a true reflection of their knowledge, however, we are also supportive of parents helping their children if they become stuck on a task. If you or your child feel that the homework is a little difficult, please come and talk to me before the due date, so we can discuss if extra support can be provided to them.


Please ensure that presentation in homework books is of the standard expected in your child's school books. It is important that the homework is neat and legible. This will foster the same attitude to work completed in lessons and shows their pride in their work. 



Each week the children choose an activity to complete our challenge by choice grids. They can have a go at whichever one they would like to do. It is always great to see the results of their tasks and sometimes to even taste them. Have fun with whichever activity you choose to do. Don't forget to tick off the ones you have done, in order to get your treat for a full row.



Please ensure your child reads every night for 10-15 minutes. They will need to bring in their reading book and signed homework diary into school every morning. Those who don't read at home will catch up in their lunchtime.



Your child will be provided with a spelling list on a Thursday, in which they will need to learn these ready for a test, the following Thursday. To practice their spellings, pupils can use a variety of strategies to help them. These can include 'LOOK, COVER, WRITE, SAY, CHECK', writing a series of sentences, or even a short creative piece of work relating to that week's English lesson focus. There may be an additional piece given to help in key areas such as punctuation, grammar or creative writing.



Pupils are asked to practice their times-tables on a short, daily routine. They usually have a times tables test on Tuesday, however, their knowledge of their number facts greatly improves their daily performance in numeracy. In addition, extra challenges will be provided on a weekly basis which will require children to talk about their maths and use different strategies to work out the answers.


Homework handout day: Thursday

Homework due day: Tuesday

(Should there be any problem with meeting the weekly deadline, please speak to me, or send a message to me through the office, before Tuesday.)

Getting Out and About


It is always fun and enjoyable to go and explore in more detail, something you find interesting in school. If there is something we are learning this year that you would like to look at in more detail, look below for some ideas, for a nice day out.





Go and explore London, the UK's capital city. There is lots of history in this amazing city, which has seen both joyous times and also horrific tragedy. See how the UK went from an island run by tribes to the world's greatest ever power, to where it sits today.


Our PE lessons will be every Monday (Outside) and Wednesday (Inside) but in case there is a change in the timetable, please ensure PE kit is kept in school every day and only taken home to be washed.


Also please ensure that the correct uniform is worn to school each day and that school shoes are worn, not trainers. The uniform code can be found on the school website, or a copy can be obtained from the school office.

A Message from Mr Bernard


What a first term it has been. We have made it through 1/3 of our year and Christmas is already over. Well, time for us to knuckle down once more and get our learning done. I hope you enjoy our next term together in this New Year.

If there are any concerns you have, please feel free to arrange a time to come and speak with me.


Mr Bernard



Each day we watch Newsround in class, as a way of keeping the children up to date with what is going on in the world. They are a fantastic resource that explains difficult topics in a clear, safe and easily accessible way. Their website has lots of useful articles for your child to read and engage with. Click on the logo above to go to their site.