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The Quest Story

Chapter 1


It is a hot sunny day in Ancient Egypt, where we find you, our hero and your pet cat Teo. You are sitting beside the River Nile, writing on your wax tablet, completing your homework for the day.

“I am really bored,” you say to Teo.

Teo meows in agreement, as he rubs his head on your arm.

“Let’s go on an adventure, but where should we go?”

You both think for a moment, but are suddenly interrupted, as an object lands with a splat next to you. The two of you jump. Laying in the wet mud, on the bank of the river, is a scroll, rolled up and bound with a red ribbon and sealed with a red wax seal.

Picking the scroll up, you break the seal, unwrap the ribbon and begin to slowly unroll the papyrus. On it, there are several lines of hieroglyphics.

“Meow?” Teo sounds as though he is asking what it says.

“It says that Pharaoh Imhotep is going to rise again unless we can stop him. We have an adventure!”

You jump up to your feet, a large smile on your face. You are ready to go. Gathering your things together, you run back home, Teo chasing after you. Running as fast as you can, you are both soon back at your house. You move around, as fast as a cheetah and collect various items you think you might need. You choose: your wax tablet, a leather pouch of water, a loaf of bread, a small fish (for Teo) and your lucky statuette of Bast. You carefully place all of the items into the cloth satchel on the bed and then swing it over your back.

“Let’s go Teo,” you say to the cat.

Leaving the house, you set off on your way, however you don’t know where to go. You come to the edge of the city and stop in your tracks. The desert lays before you, vast and empty, except for the amazing amount of hot, golden sand that stretches as far as the eye can see.

“So where are we going?” Teo asks.

You jump out of your skin. Are you imagining it? Has the heat of the midday sun got to you? Did your cat just speak to you?

“Ddd…did you just speak?” you ask Teo.

“Yes I did,” Teo replies.

“Have you always been able to speak?”

“I have yes. I just choose not to, but now I think this is the time to reveal my abilities. So, where have we got to go?”

“I really don’t know. Let me look at the scroll again.”

You bring out the scroll and unravel it. As you look at it, the writing seems to shimmer and disappear. It is replaced by another set of hieroglyphics.

“It’s changed,” you say, surprise filling your voice.

“What does it say now?”

“We have to go towards the great pyramid,” you reply.

“Then that is where we shall go,” Teo says, marching off towards the largest pyramid in the known world.

About 20 minutes pass and you arrive at the pyramid, its structure looming over you, making you both feel like dwarves. As you come up to the pyramid, you see four different coloured doors in the wall. There is a red door, a green door and a blue door.

“Where do we go now?” you ask.

As you speak, words begin to burn themselves onto each of the doors. You watch the words finish burning and become clear. CHOOSE ME was now on each of the doors.

“I guess we choose one of the doors,” Teo says.

You now need to choose which door you are going to go through.