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Turtles - Year 1

Welcome to Turtle Class

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This half term in Year One, we will be learning all about 'The Plague', 'Everyday Materials', and a range of artist and their painting techniques.



In Literacy we will be developing a range of skills through our class books of the term; both my the wonderful Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. We will start the term by exploring and extending our story writing skills with Stick Man. Half way through the term we will be moving onto our next book; The Smartest Giant in town, where we will be developing our newspaper article writing.                                         



In Literacy we teach using Pie Corbett's talk4writing scheme. This is an interesting and practical way of exploring a text and integrating national curriculum targets. Using these texts we will be learning how to retell stories and write articles using information received and our imagination. We will also be developing our spelling of common exception words and the days of the week! Vis these texts we will be developing our confidence and understanding about changing words into the past tense by using the suffix -ed. Furthermore, we will be learning about other suffixes such as -ing and -er. We encourage as much independence as possible in year one therefore, in this term we will be trying to develop our editing skills by checking our work for mistakes and correcting any errors made. 

Throughout this subject the children will continue to develop their handwriting skills, fingers spaces, capital letters, full stop, spellings, phonics knowledge and of course imagination.

In order for children to develop confidence in reading their own written work, regular peer work will be carried out. We encourage children to read their work aloud to their class to build their confidence in their work as well as their reading skills and ability to read for mistakes.




In phonics, we are continuing to develop our knowledge in order to read and write. In year one we will be working on phase 3 of Letters and Sound and progressing all the way to phase 5 by the end of the year. These phases are attached in the link below so you can gain an understanding as to what the objectives are for each phase. Please feel free to use these as extra phonics help at home.

Letters and Sounds website:

There are useful resources and games available on this website (FOR FREE!) to help your children revise and progress through the stages.

Letters and Sounds - free resources for phonics teaching


Please ensure that you are reading with your child for a few minutes each evening and that their reading books are returned to school daily. The phonics assessment check if fast approaching in July so please ensure you are doing all you can to support the in school teaching of phonics! If you need further support please come and ask or use the links below.





This term in maths we will be focusing on a range of Year one mathematical topics. At the beginning of term we will focus on number and place value, mental multiplication and division. Over the term we will also be challenging our addition and subtraction knowledge. Finally, we will be introducing measurement and problem solving. This term is full of new and exciting topics which we will try to link with our class topic or books. In our role play we will be growing plants by measuring our soil, water etc to grow healthy plants which we will then measure and record. We will also be working with money in our role play.


In class we often use a website called 'Top Marks', this website has many mathematic games from all areas of the curriculum. Children are familiar with this site therefore, it would be a useful and fun revision tool to use at home.

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Show and Tell

Turtle class love 'Show and Tell' so please encourage your child to bring in something on a Friday. 'Show and Tell' encourages speech development, as it provides an opportunity for children to use their language skills and children also learn to be respectful when listening to others.

Children do tend to get upset if they forget to bring in something for 'Show and Tell,' so please make sure something is packed in their school bag before you leave the house on a Friday morning! Please encourage your child not to bring in a toy but something to represent an event they have been to such as a leaflet, souvenir or photo. I would also encourage children to bring in a show and tell related to a topic we are doing in school this term.




This term in Science we will be focusing on everyday materials. Children will be developing their knowledge of everyday objects and materials that are used to make these objects. They will also be focusing on properties of these materials. We will be carrying our some investigations about what materials would be best to create certain objects depending on their properties such as an umbrella. 



In History this term we will be learning all about 'The Plague'  The children will be understanding the difficulties of getting unwell in the 1600's. We will be creating posters and reenacting scenes from 1665 when the plague was prevalent.





We at Thorpe-Lea encourage role play to support the children's writing and mathematical skills. This term we have a garden centre. This role play can help children develop their social skills, money and measurement skills as well as keeping plants alive.


This is our Garden Centre

We will add another picture when our plants have started to grow!  


General Classroom Information

In Year One, we have Miss Moore as our class teacher. Miss Moore trained at the University of Roehampton and has taken on many roles when working with children such playworker, performing arts teacher, and now our Year 1 teacher. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Glennon supporting us in the mornings. Mrs Glennon has worked at Thorpe-Lea for almost 14 years!



Every week your child will come home with three new books to read during the coming week. If the books have been read by the following week they will be given a new three books to enjoy.

Please could you read with your child every day as research has shown, that, if this is undertaken your child will progress faster in all areas. I would hope that during this time your child will also begin to develop a love of reading.

Daily reading should only take 5 minutes and if your child is struggling with some words, please read the words for them, as reading should be a pleasure and not a struggle.  Please complete your child’s reading diary daily with the date, a comment on their reading and don’t forget to include the page number that they finish on. Once read, please sign the reading diary and ensure it is return to school daily.

Every Friday we have the opportunity to go to the ICT and use 'Reading eggs'. Reading eggs is a fun and interactive way to encourage children to read and use their phonics knowledge. The children have their own person log in and passwords. They will have the information but if you would like a copy please feel free to come and ask!                      Image result for reading eggs



In Year 1 we enjoy to read and do it daily. We have a very colourful reading area set up for us with a range of books to read.

Here is our class reading area!



Homework will be given out on a Thursday and should be returned no later than the following Tuesday. This will consist of some English, maths and handwriting tasks, and will be directly linked to the learning the children have been doing in class during that week.





PE will take place on a Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, it is essential that your child has their PE kit in school on these days and that it is clearly labelled with their name.




It is essential that your child comes to school in the correct school uniform and this includes plain black shoes.  As we all know things tend to go missing, uniform should be clearly labelled with your child's name. 

Should you require any further information or you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to me at the beginning, or end of the school day.

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Staines Library

Children can make some music and sing some rhymes every Saturday morning from 10:30-11am at Staines Library.  Here children can also access the internet at no charge and are able to take out a number of books and DVD's for free.  Please follow the link: for more information and opening times.

       Staines Library