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Read Write Inc have updated their lessons again :)

All lessons will be available at 9:30am 

Set 1, 2 and 3 speed sounds lessons will restart. 

Set 2 and 3 speed sounds will include new words for reading and spelling.


New daily films

- read longer words

- read red words 1

- read red words 2

- read and hold a sentence 1 

- read and hold a sentence 2

Here are some I Spy sheets. You need to sound out the words on the side and then see if you can find that item in the sheet. I have put a range of different challenges up, so pick and choose ones that you think are suitable. 
Today's maths activity is to do with ordering numbers. Have a go at ordering these numbers to 20. When you have done this, why not find some things to match with the  numbers for example find one marble for the number one, two counters for the number two etc. 
Today's Story is: Goodnight Safari