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Read Write Inc have updated their lessons again :)

All lessons will be available at 9:30am 

Set 1, 2 and 3 speed sounds lessons will restart. 

Set 2 and 3 speed sounds will include new words for reading and spelling.


New daily films

- read longer words

- read red words 1

- read red words 2

- read and hold a sentence 1 

- read and hold a sentence

Here are some pictures of some fish. Have a go at writing some simple sentences about the fish. For example 'the fish is big', 'the fish is yellow.' If you are struggling to write a sentence about it have a go at writing simple words such as 'big' 'fish' 'fin'.
Here is a powerpoint with some challenges in. It is based all around the number 14. When you have done it there is a challenge sheet for you to complete to see how much you know about the number 14!
Today's story is: Rainbow Fish