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Read Write Inc will be streaming online lessons for the speed sounds during this time away from school. Please see their Facebook page or their Youtube channel search Ruth Miskin Training. 

SET 1: 9:30am

SET 2: 10:00am

SET 3: 10:30am

These lessons will only be available for 24 hours. 

I would really recommend tuning into these to support your child's phonics.

Encourage your child to have a go at counting the animals and then writing the number in the circle.
Encourage your child to have a go at counting the groups of animals either side of the plus sign and then have a go at writing the number in the circle. To challenge your child, encourage them to write the number underneath each of the groups of animals
Encourage your child to complete the number booklet. It might be worth muddling the numbers up so that they aren't in order. Encourage your child to do this as independently as possible. You will need to read the questions to them :) 
Have a go at playing bingo with your child/ren. Encourage the children to sound out the words when they are finding the word matching the picture. 
Talk your child through the powerpoint, encourage your child to have a go at writing the names of the animals and a short sentence about them.
Please only complete page 1 and 2. The rest will be set as work over other days :) 
Have a go at reading this story with your child. I would recommend muting the sound and reading it to them