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Happy Friday! 

Read Write Inc will be streaming online lessons for the speed sounds during this time away from school. Please see their Facebook page or their Youtube channel search Ruth Miskin Training. 

SET 1: 9:30am

SET 2: 10:00am

SET 3: 10:30am

These lessons will only be available for 24 hours. 

I would really recommend tuning into these to support your child's phonics.

Have a go at this number formation booklet. I know that some parents have mentioned that they do not have a printer. That isn't a problem at all :) If you make do as best you can, you can have the pages up on a laptop or IPad and either write the questions out in the book or the children can just write the answers down. It is more important that they are using their brains and furthering their knowledge rather writing on the sheets. 
Have a go at this look, say, cover, write check. Encourage your child to look at the number and work out what it is. Then encourage them to say the number to you. In the next column the children need to look at the number, say the number and then have a go at tracing the number. On the next column the children need to cover the numbers and have a go at writing the numbers without looking at the written number. 
One more and one less - There are two worksheets below, one that is numbers 1 to 10 and the other 10 to 20. Please choose according to your child's ability. If you are not sure which one they should be doing I would recommend doing the 1 - 10 and then the 10 - 20 afterwards if you think they are able to. 
Have a go at pages 5 to 8 of this Phonics Workbook 
Please complete the last two pages of the handwriting booklet. 
Story - Click Clack Moo - Cows That Type