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Admission Arrangements

Starting school – Children reach statutory school age at the start of the term following their 5th birthday. Under current legislation all infant and primary schools provide for 4 year olds to be admitted into the reception class on a full/part-time basis in the September after their fourth birthday.


Admission criteria for community and voluntary controlled schools in Surrey The admission criteria for the majority of Surrey’s community and voluntary controlled schools are set out below. Where a community or voluntary controlled school’s admission criteria are different, the criteria are listed separately after the list of schools. Some own admission authority schools may also follow Surrey’s arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools.


1. Looked after and previously looked after children

2. Exceptional social/medical need

3. Children of permanent members of staff where the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the school is made; and/or the member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage

4. Children who will have a sibling at the school or at an infant/junior school which operates shared sibling priority, at the time of the child’s admission

5. Children for whom the school is the nearest to their home address as measured by straight line - the nearest school will be the school closest to the home address that has a Published Admission Number to admit pupils of the appropriate age range and which admits local children. The nearest school may be either inside or outside the county boundary.

6. Any other children, prioritised according to the distance they live from the school.


Unless otherwise stated, distance will be used when any category is oversubscribed and will be measured by straight line from the address point of the pupil’s home to the nearest official school gate for pupils to use. Where two or more children share priority for a place, Surrey County Council will use random allocation to determine which child should be given priority.

Schools will admit pupils up to their published admission number. When there are more applications than places available, Surrey's policy is to admit children in the following priority order: