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Age Limits

What age should my child be to go onto Social Media?


Social media websites will set out in their Terms and Conditions an age limit for a user to use their service. Many services are unsuitable for children to access. Please look below at the current age limits for the most popular sites your child may have access to. Each name tag is linked to the company's Terms and Conditions page.


These websites/apps are for people aged 13 and over.




These websites/apps are for people aged 16 and over.




These websites/apps are for people aged 13 (with parent's permission) or 18 (without parent's permission).





If your child does use one of these sites/apps, please ensure you are aware of what they are saying and doing on them, so that they are not putting themselves in any danger.


There are some sites, such as Roblox that are designed for children to use but do require an adult over the age of 18, to accept the terms and conditions. If your child has an account for a website or application, please double-check the terms and conditions before they create the account.


Thank you.