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All About Authors

All About Authors

This half term we are looking at the topic, All About Authors. This is a new topic and we want our children to have opportunities and skills to become authors and dream big! We will be looking at the following biographies which are part of the Little People, Big Dreams collection of books:


- Frida Kahlo

- Maya Angelou


Please see below pictures of the activities we have been doing in class. 

Frida Kahlo


The children have loved learning about Frida Kahlo's life. We have read her biography and created our own in our Enchanted Writing Forest. The children enjoyed recreating their selves using Frida Kahlo's famous self-portraits. They have also enjoyed acting as the famous artist, using Hot Seating and have asked interesting questions such as 'why did you choose to become an artist?'. Finally, knowing that Frida was born in Mexico, the children loved exploring with different vegetables to make salsa...delicious! 

Frida Kahlo

Maya Angelou and World Book Week


We have been looking at Maya Angelou as part of our topic, All About Authors. The children enjoyed reading her biography and we spoke about how positive she was and she believed in staying hopeful. The children made a positive cloud and we spoke about what motivates us. As part of World Book Day, the children wrote their own 'Who Am I?' poems and dressed up as a word. The children really put a great effort into their 'word costumes'. We also had a visit form a theatre company, cooked alphabet chips, went on vocab parade around the school and read our favourite stories.

Amelia Earhart


This week we have been learning about Amelia Earhart who was the first woman to fly an aeroplane. The children have been looking at different air transport and have been discussing what they would use to fly. We had some great ideas from ‘flying on a bird or making your own wings or even inventing your own aeroplane’. In addition to this the children have enjoyed making their own aeroplane, and paper planes whilst making an aeroplane using fruit and honey. We also enjoyed flying our paper aeroplanes. We challenged the children on whose plane will fly the furtherest.

Amelia Earhart activites

Science Week - Marie Curie 


We have had an explosive science week! We started the week with bang when we had a visit from Dr.M who demonstrated some pretty cool scientific investigations! We looked at travelling of light and sound as a whole school. We then did our own experiments: explosive volcano, travelling rainbow, germs soap and skittles colour mixing! The children predicted and investigated what would happen to the colours and when chemicals react with one another. We also learnt about our scientist Marie Curie, who was the founder of radium and polonium. We learnt about her and her influence on creating x-ray machines. The children enjoyed creating their own x-rays .We also explored use of scientific equipment in our science lab! The children ended the week with a superb scientific workshop on forensic science, they loved solving the crime scene.

Easter Week


This week in Nursery we are learning about the Easter Story. We had a superb whole school assembly and concert on the story of Easter. The children loved making chicks and exploring the Easter garden. We also look at the life cycle of a chicken and found out it that it takes 21 days for an egg to hatch! We also made Easter baskets which were delicious. We spoke about chocolate changing from a solid to liquid.

Easter Pictures