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Our topic this half term is...



What a fantastic country to focus on because there is just so much that we can use and explore! 


Please have a look below at what we will be learning about whilst Brazil is our main topic:


  • The rainforest:
    • Detailed descriptive writing 
    • Information on the layers
    • Understanding the animals that live there
    • The habitat and surroundings
    • Deforestation


  • The carnival festival:
    • Understanding why it happens
    • Listening to the music that is traditionally heard
    • The traditions 
    • Create our own headdresses 


  • Sports (particularly football):
    • The importance of football
    • The olympics
    • The FIFA world cup


  • Different cities:
    • Contrasting wealth
    • Favellas versus high rise cities
    • Rio de Janeiro - focus 
    • Sao Paulo - focus