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The Very Hungry Caterpillar's


Week 1

w/c 31.10.22



This week marked the start of our new topic of 'Celebrations' in Nursery by celebrating Halloween. The children have been busy practicing their cutting skills using scissors by making pumpkin faces.  They also decorated biscuits as pumpkins and enjoyed listening to the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar's CREEPY-CRAWLY HALLOWEEN'. 

In phonics we have been looking at rhyming words by doing the Silly Soup rhyming activity! We also introduced 'The number of the week' this week starting with number 1, each week we will introduce a new number. We have also been looking at Clementine Hunter and her work as an artist for Thorpe Lea's Black History week. 




Week 2 - Remembrance Week 

w.c. 07.11.22


This week we learnt all about the importance of Remembrance day. The children made a sunset portrait using card, paper and paint. We also paid our respect by doing 1 minute silence for all the people and their families. Please see pictures on Tapestry. 

Week 3 - Hanukkah and Children in Need 

w.c. 14.11.22



This week the children have been learning about Hanukkah - Jewish festival of light. The children all made a Menorah using paper plates and card. They learnt about the world 'miracle' and also spoke about similarities between their own celebration and Hanukkah.


It was also Children in Need Day. The children dressed up in colourful spotty clothes and made Pudsey  masks and Pudsey puff pastries in our cooking lesson. The children also learnt about how special and different we all are in our PSHE lesson. The children wore odd socks and we spoke about how we all look different and it is okay to be different. The children enjoyed the story 'It's okay to be different'.  


Week 4 -The Stickman Story

w.c. 21.11.22



This we the children have been learning about The Stickman story. The children watched the Stickman story, read the story and even made Stickman out of playdough. They enjoyed using sticks to paint a Stickman family and made cheesy Stickman pastries. Please find pictures on Tapestry.


Week 5 - The Snowman Story 

w.c. 28.11.22


This week the children are learning all about The Snowman story. They have been counting using pom-poms and snowman numbers, using sequencing to make a snowman, reading the snowman story, decorating Christmas tree, looking out for our class elf, naming our class Elf and using the advent calendar. Please see Tapestry for pictures. 

Week 6 - The Jolly Christmas Postman 

w.c. 05.12.22


This week the children learnt all about The Jolly Christmas Postman. The children used the puppets to retell the story. Made tree puff pastries, and made postcards using glitter. In Maths, children learnt about the number 6. Please see Tapestry for pictures. 

Week 7: The Elves and the Shoemaker 

w.c. 12.12.22


This week Nursery children have been learning about the story Elves and the Shoemaker. After reading the story, the children used the props to retell the main events. They also acted out the story by going to the ‘shoe shop’ and made elf ears in art. The children measured their shoe size and then tried on different shoes. In Maths, the children match the correct number of presents to the numbered elves. In phonics, they learnt all about rhyming CVC words.