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Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is a fascinating individual and I know the children will thoroughly enjoy learning about his discoveries and findings. Much of what we will learn in our topic lessons will link to science and understanding the process of evolution as well as the variety of different living species. 


Here are some interesting facts about Darwin that you may not have known:


  • He won the copley medal, an extremely prestigious science award
  • He was buried in Westminister Abbey
  • Darwin once ate an owl
  • Darwin wanted to be a doctor but was scared of blood
  • His face is on the £10 note
  • Darwin introduced everyone to the evolution of species


The Theory of Evolution (by Natural Selection) | Cornerstones Education

The Theory of Evolution (by Natural Selection) is one of many learning resources available to primary schools who use our creative curriculum. === This video is nominated in the Scribey! awards in the Best Supporting Education Scribe category. === More than 1100 schools, 15,000 teachers and 260,000 children already love learning with the Cornerstones Curriculum.

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