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Children's Choice

Children's Choice

This week is Children's Choice! What we ask is that they bring their favourite story (this can be any!) on Monday and will be kept in school until Friday. We do ask that what is brought, is a story rather than a magazine or activity pack. Throughout the week, we will read a variety of stories and talk about them as a group. Please ensure that all books are clearly labelled with your child's name.


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Activity ideas for at home:

- We would love it if you and  your child could take a trip to the local library. Some pictures of your journey and time there would be an added bonus that we can share and Show and Tell. Details of Staines and Ashford libraries can be found on our Macaw home page.

- Carry out a book swap with friends. If your child is fed up of reading the same book, why not swap that book with friends for a few weeks - this way you will develop a real 'bank' of stories over time.

- Celebrate reading at home. Where can we read? Play a game with your family. Who can find the most strangest place to read a book? Again, photos will be brilliant to share. Last year, we even had once child reading on their pony!