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Class Routines and Information for Grown Ups


     Class Information and Routines

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Meet the Team


My name is Miss Maskell and I am the class teacher of Macaw Class. I trained to be a teacher at the University of Greenwich and since graduating, I briefly worked as a teacher in London and then moved back to Surrey. I love seeing how the children are growing and progressing in their work!




My name is Miss Hall and I am the Learning Support Assistant in Macaw Class. I have worked at Thorpe Lea Nursery and Primary School for just over two years now and love being with the little ones! I also cover lunch duty on a daily basis.




In Reception we are also lucky enough to have other adults and parent helpers working with us! Please do ask if you see a face you do not recognise :) 


Our Weekly Timetable

Below is a copy of our weekly timetable however due to the versatility of the Early Years Foundation Stage please note that we may not always stick rigorously to this. Whilst our P.E sessions are timetabled for a Thursday Afternoon and a Friday Morning we may have some spontaneous sports sessions so we ask that PE kits remain in school everyday. 

Show and Tell will be held every Friday to develop the children's speaking and listening skills. Please ensure that your child only brings one item that is clearly labelled and as much as possible is related to the theme of learning for the term. Remember this does not have to be a toy - a photo, ornament or a leaflet is a great starting point for a discussion! To support your child's confidence through the first few 'Show and Tell' sessions, please encourage them to practise what they want to say about their item at home!


Our Half Termly Learning

To capture your child's imagination, curiosity and to provide them with a thirst for learning, the seven areas outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage will be provided through half termly topics, of which will be broken down into themed weeks. Each area of learning will be provided through activities and carpet sessions linked to the weeks theme. For instance, a half termly topic could be  'People Who Help Us' with weekly topics including 'Emergency Services'. During the week of the theme 'Emergency Services' therefore, the children may be developing their literacy skills through activities such as creating and writing their own hospital patient form; developing their mathematical skills by activities such as counting patients; developing their creative skills by creating their own emergency service vehicles and developing their understanding of the world by exploring different occupations and talking about how to stay safe. 



In Reception we have a daily phonics session which introduces and embeds the knowledge needed for children to read and write. Once the children are all settled and happy, the teaching of phonics will begin. This phonic session will be broken down into groups across Reception, Year One and Year Two.  The scheme we use to deliver this knowledge Read Write Inc.  To support your child's phonics, found at the bottom of this page is a PowerPoint presentation by Miss McRae which outlines key vocabulary your child will be using, home learning support and resources and will allow you to become familiar with how your child learns to read and write at school.


The Importance of Reading

Reading books aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word. When the rhythm and melody of language become a part of a child's life, learning to read will be as natural as learning to walk and talk. Even after children learn to read by themselves, it's still important for you to read aloud together. By reading stories that are on their interest level, but beyond their reading level, you can stretch young readers' understanding and motivate them to improve their skills. Please do ensure that you make time to share a book and/or allow time for your child to read to you on a daily basis For more information on the importance of reading please click here.


Our Learning Journey

At Thorpe Lea we understand that children within the Early Years learn so much and so quickly therefore we have a variety of books and journals in which their learning is documented, displayed, celebrated and shared. As your child spends most of their time with their loved ones, we need your help in documenting and celebrating their achievements! Within your child's home file you will find some 'Proud Clouds' - what we ask is when you see your child doing something new and that you are proud of, such as writing their full name for the first time or getting dressed by themselves, please write this on a Proud Cloud and hand it in to a member of the Reception team. These Proud Clouds will then be used in your child's records and achievements and they can celebrate their proud moment with friends and teachers too! Alongside their school writing and maths books, their learning journey and electronic observation file, your child has their very own display area within the classroom. This display area is controlled by your child - they choose what they want to share on their wall, whether it is a picture of something they have constructed, a drawing, a piece of writing or a quote of something they said which they were proud of! Examples of Proud Clouds are written in the 'Homework Information' document at the bottom of this page.




What to bring?

We have an extensive range of media, materials and toys both indoor and outdoor in Reception therefore, we ask that children to not bring in their own personal toys, pencil cases and books, expect on a Friday for Show and Tell or unless asked otherwise, of which parents will be informed. As 'Home Files' should be brought in daily, we expect every child to have a Thorpe Lea School book bag in which to fit their file easily. Whilst we do have a wonderful, extensive outdoor area, this can become rather muddy therefore we ask if your child can bring a pair of wellington boots that we keep at school to allow them to access the outdoor area at all times. Finally, we do ask that each item of clothing is labelled clearly including shoes and coats to avoid any muddle ups! :) 


For more information as to the Early Years Curriculum at Thorpe Lea Nursery and Primary School, please see the link below.