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We are using a brand new scheme of work this year, from iCompute. Each half term will be based around a different module. They are: iConnect, iData, iNetwork, iProgram, iSafe and iSimulate.


Autumn Term 1


This unit explores the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web and involves online surfing, searching and evaluation. At its core are a series of iConnect online tutorials that teach children how to use the web and search engines safely and effectively.


Autumn Term 2


During these lessons, children learn how information in a database is organised and interrogated. Following a theme of an imaginary travel website. They use a prepared database to find information about holidays and add records using information found online.


Spring Term 1


In this unit, children will learn about networks. They explore real-world examples of networks moving on to learning how digital devices are connected together to form networks; computer networks connected together form the internet.


Spring Term 2


This unit of work introduces the children to a visual programming language. Using the context of games development it will engage the children in creatively developing their own simple animations.


Summer Term 1


This unit of work focuses on E-Safety and how children should stay safe online and think about the websites and apps that they are accessing.



Summer Term 2


In this unit, children begin to understand that computer simulations can represent real and imaginary situations. They learn how to explore simulations, investigate options and to test their predictions. They evaluate simulations by comparing them with real situations and consider their usefulness.