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Welcome to the Computing page for Thorpe Lea. All teachers deliver Computing to their classes and our coordinator is Mr Bernard.


The school is well stocked with computers and each class is connected to the Internet. The skills of Computing are taught in accordance with National guidelines and Computing is used in all subjects. We have a Computing suite of 30 workstations for students' use with a broadband Internet connection, which is used by the whole school.


Each class is equipped with a brand new interactive whiteboard, speakers, iPad, with some having access to an electronic visualiser. These are embedded as part of the children's learning and children love using our resources for information and communication technology. The brand new whiteboards give teachers new ways of displaying content to the class, so Computing can be taught and demonstrated not only in its own independent lesson but across all areas of the curriculum, from Maths and English to PE and Art.


The new 'Computing' curriculum allows us to embed the use of technology and application of skills across the broader curriculum and help further the technological life skills that are essential for the future. We have recently bought in a class set of BBC Micro:Bits to help teach the new coding part of the curriculum. They are a fun and interactive way in which to learn how to code.


At Thorpe Lea Primary School we are passionate about educating children about E-Safety. Teachers embed internet safety into their curriculum, through their computing lessons and also in whole school and Key Stage assemblies. For more ideas on how to keep your child safe online visit our E-Safety page.

Computing Curriculum



Online safety plays a huge role at Thorpe Lea and we actively encourage the children to think about what they are doing online and what they are viewing. We have put together two E-safety pages on our website, one aimed at the children and one for parents. The links to the pages can be found below.

Computing Club


We run every Thursday after school, 3:15pm - 4:15pm. See you there.

Curriculum Map for 2020 - 2021

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 1 Understanding a computer Understanding a Computer Using technology to take photos E-Safety Algorithms Create simple programs
Year 2 Using a computer safely Create Algorithms Create and debug programs Using technology to create purposeful and creative work Use Logical reasoning Make an leaflet to advertise visiting a country
Year 3 iConnect iData iNetwork iProgram iSafe iSimulate
Year 4 iAnimate iData iMail iProgram iProgram iSafe
Year 5 iCrypto iDraw iModel iProgram iSafe iWeb
Year 6 E-Safety BBC Microbits We are app planners We are app designers Marketing campaign using Publisher Create Social Media Profiles