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French Cuisine

French Cuisine

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Activities to do at home:

  • Teach your child some basic French phrases and words. Can they count to ten in French? -
  • Cook some traditional French food at home. Focus on developing your child's mathematical skills by talking about measuring and time. Develop their physical skills by cutting, rolling, mashing and stirring. Develop their understanding of different foods by talking about what types of food they are using such as fruit, vegetables, meat or dairy. Pastries or French Bread will always go down well!
  • Enjoy some traditional French food as a family - whether this is home cooked, a take-away treat or a restaurant. Talk to your child about what they can taste. What do they like/dislike? What do you think is in the dish? How do they think it is made?
  • Look at where France is on a map. Have you been there? Have you been anywhere near?
  • Link to the Eiffel Tower - what shapes can they see? Can they have a go at drawing it? Building it with Lego?
  • Create your own French Patisserie or Café at home. Can they make lots of items out of playdough? How much are they selling them for? How long will it take them to 'cook'? Can they write labels for the items they are selling?