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Friday 12th June

Nursery Home Learning


Story of the week: Possum Magic by Mem Fox


Activity 1: Cutting Challenge

How many shapes can you cut out? Start by drawing them. Try and draw a circle, square and triangle. You can draw round shapes or use a ruler (or an adult!) to help. One you have your shapes try and cut them out independently. Use your child scissors safely, cutting using one hand to hold the paper and the other holding the scissors. Your adult can help with your technique. One you have cut out your shapes, keep going and cut out as many as you like. You can stick them down to try and make a picture! Cut out of colour paper if you have it, or you could paint or colour it in.


Activity 2: Cooking

In the story, Hush eats lots of different food to become visable again. Try and make one of the things he eats! Possible ideas: Anzac biscuits, vegemite (marmite) sandwiches, pavlova. 

Which one do you think you might like best? Which ones have you not tried before? Take pictures of your finished product!