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'Fruits' Home Learning Ideas

Visits and places to explore: (the links in green are free attractions!)

  • Garsons Pick Your Own Farm - please check the crop timetable before you go to see what is available to pick!
  • Wisley Gardens - Fruit Garden
  • Visiting a local garden centre such as Longacres which sell fruit plants to take home and grow - strawberry and tomato plants are relatively cheap and easy to look after!
  • Visiting a green grocers or the fruit counter at a local supermarket, purchasing some fruit then creating something yummy at home like a smoothie or fruit salad!

*Please note as much as we encourage these wonderful visits and think they are fantastic learning experiences, if you wish to visit these please do so at weekends, evenings or during the holidays - we really don't want your little ones to miss any school learning!*


Activities to do at home:

Click on the text below the pictures to find resources and instructions as to how to carry out these lovely fruit related activities at home!

Make their own fruit juice cocktails! This activity will allow your child to talk about preferences, their knowledge of fruit, develop understanding of measure and support pouring and imaginative skills!

Learning to problem solve, talk about shape, quantity and use a variety of media and materials!

Create their own 'Fruit Salad' picture on 'Purple Mash'. This has been set as a '2do' for your child. Their password and instructions for the programme can be found in their homework files.


Great books linked to 'Fruits': (all of the books in green can be loaned from Staines or Ashford Library)

  • Grow your own smoothies by John Malam
  • Nutmeg says yum! by Caroline Church
  • Little Apple Goat by caroline Church
  • Fruits, a Caribbean Counting Poem by David Axtell
  • Producing Fruits by Lori McManus
  • Fruit by Honor Head
  • Fruit by Julia Adams
  • Fruits by Nancy Dickmann
  • Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne
  • Oliver's Fruit Salad by Alison Bartlett
  • Eating the Alphabet by Lois Elhert
  • The Fruits we eat by Gail Gibbons