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Ice Cream & Deserts

Ice Cream & Desserts

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Activities to do at home:

  • Make your own dessert parlour at home - pom poms, ice cream scoops and paper cones are a great way of making a mess free dessert! Encourage your child to talk about how many scoops they are using, how much money they are going to charge and how long your order will take. Can they also use language related to size? Do you want a large ice cream or a small one? Do you need any change? If its busy can they write the order down so they don't forget? Can they make price labels so customers know how much each item is? Would they like any toppings? How much? How much extra will that be?
  • Make real desserts - pancakes, banana split and fruit salads are all great desserts to talk about halves, quarters and sharing. If you only have two pancakes and four people what can we do?
  • Making desserts such as fruit salads or fruit kebabs will also support your child's fine motor skills. If appropriately supervised, your child will be able to cut a variety of fruit independently using the 'bridging technique'. The link to the technique is here -
  • Visit a dessert parlour - there is currently one in Egham and two in Staines! Let your child hand over the money at the till and talk about the coins you are using to pay with.