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Music at Thorpe Lea Primary School



While music is taught throughout the year groups at Thorpe Lea Primary School by the class teachers, Miss Robinson is the Music Lead.




Music is a subject enjoyed by both the pupils and teachers at our school. We follow the Charanga music scheme, which allows us to cover all areas of the national curriculum in an exciting and enjoyable way. There are popular songs which different year groups learn to sing and perform, and challenges for classes to take part in. This scheme also allows for a variety of instruments to be used. While years 3 and 4 learn to play the Glockenspiels as part of the basic scheme, there are also different instrument ‘worlds’ which all years can access. Year 2 will embark on recorder world in the coming months!

Below is a table showing the different units for each term on the Charanga scheme.

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Reception 'Me' 'My Stories' 'Everyone' 'Our World' 'Big Bear Funk' 'Reflect, Rewind and Replay'
Year 1 'Hey You!' 'Rhythm In The Way We Walk and The Banana Rap' 'In The Groove' 'Round and Round' 'Your Imagination' 'Reflect, Rewind and Replay'
Year 2 'Hands, Feet, Heart' 'Ho Ho Ho' 'I Wanna Play in a Band' 'Zootime' 'The Friendship Song' 'Reflect, Rewind and Replay'
Year 3 'Let Your Spirit Fly' 'Glockenspiels Stage 1' 'Three Little Birds' 'The Dragon Song' 'Bringing Us Together' 'Reflect, Rewind and Replay'
Year 4 'Mama Mia' 'Glockenspiels Stage 2' 'Stop!' 'Lean On Me' 'Blackbird' 'Reflect, Rewind and Replay'
Year 5 'Living on a Prayer' 'Classroom Jazz 1' 'Make You Feel My Love' 'Fresh Prince Of Bel Air' 'Dancing in the Street' 'Reflect, Rewind and Replay'
Year 6 'Happy' 'Classroom Jazz 2' 'A New Year Carol'   'You've Got A Friend' 'Reflect, Rewind and Replay'


The Charanga scheme overview

We are very lucky at Thorpe Lea to have a school choir. The school choir is run by Miss Rickett. They enjoy singing a variety of songs, which they get to perform at various events! Below is a link to their page which shows what they are up to at the moment.