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Thorpe Lea Primary School

'A dedicated community working together, nurturing a safe, happy school where all children can achieve their potential'

My feelings - Happy / Proud / Managing Feelings

Places to visit & Explore:

The Park - I can ... Ride my bike, climb the steps to the slide, count the number of swings, etc.

Swimming - I can ... Swim with / without my armbands, swim a length of the pool.

Library - I can ... Talk about my favourite story ( characters, setting, events, etc).

Play Day / Play Group - I can ... Share toys, take turns, listen and talk to my friends.


Activities to try at home:

  • Cook their favourite meals using all their senses. Talk about its taste, sound, sight, smell, feeling.
  • Read their favourite story or sing their favourite nursery rhyme at bedtime.
  • Talk about their favourite toy and / or activity and take a photo of them.
  • Being Proud - Talk about something they have achieved, scored a goal at football club, riding a horse for the first time, etc.
  • Being Brave - Trying something new. Trying the high slide at the park, talking to somebody new, paying for the shopping, etc.


Books to read at home:

Glad Monster, Sad Monster - Ed Emberley & Anne Miranda

The Way I Feel - Janan Cain

Taking a bath with the dog and other things that make me happy - Scott Menchin

My many coloured days - Dr Seuss

How are you peeling - Saxton Freymann