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Thorpe Lea Primary School

'A dedicated community working together, nurturing a safe, happy school where all children can achieve their potential'

Parent Info.

Show and Tell

When it is your child's week, you will get a letter home with details regarding sending in a family photo for them to share with the class. This will take place on a Tuesday or Thursday.


Stay and Story

Monday and Friday mornings, 8:45am - 9:00am


Toys from home:

We are now asking that toys from home not be brought into the Nursery due to children loosing various toys. Therefore, if a toy or comfort item is brought in they will need to remain on the teachers desk for the duration of the day. 



  • Junk modelling materials - empty boxes, washed yoghurt pots, kitchen roll tubes, etc.
  • Herb cuttings - If you are planning on trimming your mint, Rosemary, Thyme , etc please can they be donated to our Nursery Mud Kitchen
  • Autumn Materials - Conkers, Pine cones, cinnamon sticks, seeds, etc.

Many thanks for your support



Jewellery should not be worn to school understand any circumstance.

Please note that only 'invisible earrings' are permitted. This is every day not just PE days.


Nursery Fund:

We will be engaging in a variety of creative, sensory & cooking activities with your child, which requires us to purchase a range of consumables. We ask parents/carers to make a voluntary contribution of £5 each term to help towards the cost. Thank you for your support.