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October 2019 Updates


The student council has been working very hard this year and has helped to implement some welcomed changes to the school rules. Below you will find some of the rules that you, as pupils of Thorpe-Lea, suggested reconsidering. Mr Bailey has listened and provided some really useful feedback.


You said the tops come off the mushrooms and they are dangerous.
Mr Bailey said he has already ordered new ones.

You said it’s not fair that KS2 can’t play on the castle.
Mr Bailey said you can!


You said you wanted the gazebo to be a quiet space for those who want some time alone at lunch/break.
Mr Bailey said this is a good idea.

You said you wanted the Buddy Bus Stop to return.
Mr Bailey said yes, you can stand outside the gazebo if you want someone to play with.

You said you found the ties awkward, especially when changing for pe.
Mr Bailey said he is currently finding out about clip-on ones.

You said you wanted to wear your jumpers/cardigans around your waist at lunchtime.
Mr Bailey said you can!