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Thursday 11th June

Nursery Home Learning


Story of the week: Possum Magic by Mem Fox


Activity 1: Counting Puzzle

You can either print and cut out the template, or you could have a go at making it yourself. 

-Another counting game: Roll a dice. Whatever number it lands on, try and draw that many of one Australian animal. You could use the Australian Animal mat to help you. 


Activity 2: Learn about an Australian animal

Have a look at the map. Compare Australia to what England looks like on a map! Which do you think is bigger? Australia is a lot bigger! Think about the animals we have learnt live in Australia. Pick one of them! See if you can learn 2 facts about your animal with your adult. Possible ideas: What do they eat? Where do they live? Are they furry? Do they fly? 

Watch videos of your animal on YouTube. Then, draw your animal! You could try and include your fact, for example drawing your animal with its dinner or where it lives. Write your name on your picture, either tracing it, copying it, or writing it independently. Can you also copy or trace your animals name?