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Thorpe Lea Primary School

'A dedicated community working together, nurturing a safe, happy school where all children can achieve their potential'

Time Table / Routines

Our Timetable




Monday and Friday 8.45 - 9.00: Stay and Story

Parents and carers are welcome to stay and listen to our story of the week.

Tuesday and Thursday 10.15 - 11.05: Sport for Fitness (PE)

Please ensure children do not wear any jewellery to school at any time.

Wednesday and Friday: Star of the week

Each week a child will be chosen as star of the week. They will be celebrated with the class and will get to take home our class panda for the weekend. There are many reasons a child can earn 'Star of the Week' from an inventive play - doh model to comforting another upset child. So lets get celebrating.

Wednesday and Friday: WOW cloud celebrations - When your child achieves a new skills or amazes you with a practised one please write down the date and their achievement so that it can be celebrated at school. It also helps us have a greater, more broad understanding of your child's achievements. Refills of WOW clouds on Nursery entrance door.

Tuesday and Friday: Library books change

Every Tuesday and Friday afternoon the children are taken across to the school library to change their weekly book. When you read with your child please leave a comment or sign their reading record so we know the book has been read and needs to be changed. Library books can be placed into the library books tray on Tuesday and Friday mornings, which will be alongside the lunch box boxes.