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Wednesday 10th June

Nursery Home Learning


Story of the week: Possum Magic by Mem Fox


Activity 1: Draw a Picture

As this week we are learning about Australia, look up some videos of different Australian animals on YouTube! Some ideas could be: a possum, a kangaroo, a turtle, a koala etc. Think about what its like where the animal lives. Is it hot/cold/dry/wet? Would it like to live here? Why/why not? Have a go at drawing your animal! Don't forget to draw where it lives. You could even draw one of the possums from the story! Please try and hold your pencil correctly while drawing, using a three fingered tripod grip. When you have finished have a go at tracing your name, or copying it, or writing it independently. Challenge: Can you write a caption for your picture? You may need a lot of support with this. Try to orally sound out the word first. This might be as far as some children can go. Others might then want to  trace the word or copy it, while others might be happy to have a go writing it independently.


Activity 2: Counting

Have a look at the counting sheet. Either count the animals on the sheet, or get your own Australian animals out! Your child may need support to count one at a time. You could try hiding 10 animals around the room, and your child then has to hunt to find 10! Or you could line them up and count them together. Have a selection of numbers out for your child to choose from to identify the amount. You could encourage them to make a 'tally' of sorts, recording how many there are or how many of each type by drawing a straight line down as most children will struggle with writing the number.