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Thorpe Lea Primary School

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Week 1-5: When I Grow Up

Weekly Topics:

Week One - Jobs at home

Week Two - Care (For example, Doctors, Nurses, Physio Therapist or Midwife)

Week Three - High Street / Retail

Week Four - Builders & Architects

Week Five - Emergency Services 

Ideas for home:

  • Visit the high street and talk about the different type of shops and services available.
  • Set up a toy hospital at home.
  • Talk about how and when to make a 999 call
  • Practise putting each other into the recovery position.
  • Create and practise a 'Fire escape plan'.
  • Take a trip on a bus or a train.
  • Use construction sets, junk modelling or play - doh to create a variety of houses and homes.
  • Explore and create animal habitats in your garden. 
  • Talk about the different jobs that need to be completed around the house and make a 'Chores chart'.

Books to read at home: