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Week beginning 22nd Feb 2021

English Fri 26th Feb 2021

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Today you are going to think about the story and the 6 main events that happen throughout. You will need to look at the images carefully and decide which parts you think are the most important. You will then draw images for these parts and give them some captions, using fronted adverbials.

LO: I can identify the key elements of a story.

English Thurs 25th Feb 2021

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Today you are going to be creating a leaflet about different types of cameras. You may have some different cameras lying around the house, which may help and you can ask your parents about how cameras have changed over the years. You may also want to research some facts about the different cameras mentioned in the video.

LO: I can create a leaflet, using researched facts.

English Wed 24th Feb 2021

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Today you will be thinking about using different vocabulary to form your writing. You are going to write a letter to some scientists, to explain what you have found in the photographs from the camera.

LO: I can use a variety of vocabulary in my sentences

English Tues 23rd Feb

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Today, you will be thinking about what you think you know about the pictures the boy found and the evidence that can support your ideas. You will then write a diary entry from the viewpoint of the boy. Below, you will find a grid that will help you with one of the activities.

LO: I can use evidence to support my ideas in a diary entry.

English Mon 22nd Feb

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Today, you'll be introduced to our new book, Flotsam. Be prepared to look around your house, or garden for some items you can use in your writing. The teacher will explain more in the video. You'll need these to complete the writing task.

LO: I can write predictions, using because, as and since.