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Week Commencing 22nd June 2020



This week, your Topic work continues to be History and DT-based.


Last week I asked you to look at the Titanic, as we would have been looking at Kaspar: Prince of Cats, in our English lessons.


This week, I would like you to research different ships that have ended up being wrecked, throughout history.


Some ships you can look at are:


The Mary Rose

HMS Victory (1737)

The Queen Anne's Revenge

The General Belgrano

The Spanish Armada


Where were they built?

Why were they so important at the time?

Where were each of the ships going?

Who was onboard each ship?

What happened to the ship and why?

When were they found?

Have they been found?

Are there any more ships that you can discover?


You can present the details in a PowerPoint, Video, Report, Journal or any other way you like.


If you haven't finished this yet, have a go at designing and making your own ship.


If you have done this activity, how could you make improvements to your ship? Are there features that can be changed to make it better? Could you re-design it?


What shape will you go with? Could it be different from the traditional shape?

How large will it need to be?

Will it have sails?

How would it be powered if it was full-sized?


Draw out your design, making sure to think about how it would look from the side, above and beneath. Annotate your design to show what each part is and how it works.


You can then use your design to have a go at building a small prototype of your ship.


Spread the activities across the week and be creative with them.