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Week Commencing 25th May 2020



This week, you have some research to do around Journeys: Trade, which is what we would be looking at in Geography.


We would be thinking about where materials come from, to make some of our favourite products and also things we use every day.


  • Where do clothes come from?
  • How did they get to the shop - where were they made? How could you find out?
  • Look at some of the labels on your clothes. Make a list of all the countries you can see as to where those clothes come from.
  • Use the blank world map to mark the countries where your clothes come from.
  • Compare which items of clothes travelled the furthest to get to you. Write the rough miles travelled next to each item on your list.
  • Use the school uniform sheet to draw your uniform onto the figures. Then, label each item of clothing with the material they are made out of. These will be listed on the labels on each piece.
  • Research which of those materials are natural and which are man-made. How are they produced?
  • Is it possible to establish exactly where our clothes originate?
  • Look at the meals you are having this week. See where in the world that food is coming from, it will say on the packaging. On another blank world map, label the countries where your food has come from.
  • Ask your parents/grandparents (if you can) about the food they ate when they were your age. Did it come from around the world, or did most of it come from the UK? 
  • Have people always had such a varied diet? Why/why not?
  • Are all children around the world lucky enough to have such a varied diet like us?
  • Research and compare the food a child from another country would eat, compared to you.


Spread the activities across the week and be creative with them.