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Week Commencing 27th April 2020

Fractions Help

The above document can be used to help understand fractions.

This week's foundation tasks are continuing with a Geography/History theme.

This half term, we were going to be looking at Journeys people have made around the world.

This week's topic work includes a challenge for you to complete.


Main task:

Research a famous journey that has been made.

Who made it? Why did they make it? What was the purpose of their journey?


Examples: Christopher Columbus, Eric the Red, Captain Cook, Francis Drake, Amelia Earhart.


Were these people successful? Did they only do one journey? Why do we remember them?


Can you compare journeys through time?


Examples: How was a journey by Christopher Columbus different from one we would make today? How would Amelia Earhart have done her journey today?

You can create a PowerPoint, video or choose another way to present your research.




You have been given a budget of £5000.


How far away from your house could you get in 24hrs? What transport can you use to complete your journey? How many countries will you pass through? How many different types of transport can you use?


Remember to look carefully at the times of your journey, so you can be sure to get to your final destination in 24hrs. Also, keep an eye on the cost of each piece of transport.


Don't forget to spread this research across the week, don't just do them on Monday.