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Year 1

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Hello Year One,


It was so lovely once again to see some more members of our class return to school! The weather was very HOT last week and I hope you all got to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine. Hopefully you are all staying safe and maybe we will see you in school soon.smiley


This week, I have uploaded similar revision Maths work and daily English tasks. Your project for Topic this week will be classes.  Along with all of this, I hope we are still all doing some reading! Remember to look online at Oxford Owl for free reading books-


If you are running out of space in your home learning book please contact the office and we will try and arrange for you to collect another.


Have another great week of learning and try your very best smiley Remember to stay safe and if you have any questions or would like to show me some of your work, please email the school ( and I will get back to you all.


Miss Hunter heart



For Maths this week, I have uploaded a range of revision tasks for you to complete, these are all areas that we have covered so far in Year One. Choose the ability which suits you best and give it your best try! I have also uploaded some extra tasks for those of you who love to complete a challenge in Maths. 




This week, I have uploaded a range of tasks below. There are some reading comprehensions, writing opportunities and phonics activities.

Remember the website Phonics Play is still offering free interactive resources/games, we are playing this in school and Year One love all the challenges!  I would highly recommend doing the flashcards and the buried treasure games (username - march20 password- home).

Please ensure for the comprehensions that you are answering the questions in full sentences. 

For your phonic tasks, can you read the ‘phoneme spotter’ sheet and identify the chosen sound e.g. oa. Then why not have a go at sounding and sorting the alternative sounds for ‘oa’ and ‘oi’. Sound button the ‘sorting words’ and organise them into the correct sound using the ‘grid’ sheet. The ‘best guest’ sheet is there as guidance for each alternative sound!





For topic last week in school, Year One were learning all out Castles - we absolutely loved it! We even made our very own castles, I will attach pictures below. This week I will set some tasks below and then I would like you to try and make your own castle.


We used an empty cereal box, turned it inside out and taped it back together, we then painted our castle grey. Next we cut out the battlements at the top of the castle, the arrow slit at the front and then the door for the drawbridge. We pinched holes at the front and back and pulled string through to make the drawbridge.  Why not have a try and have lots of fun smiley

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Phonics Play is still providing free resources and interactive games online, I would highly recommend doing the flashcards and the buried treasure games.

Username - march20 password- home


RWI is also continuing to upload free lessons and resources - please find all the information below.

The new Speed Sounds lessons YouTube schedule is now available on our website-


From 1st June:

All lessons will be available at 9.30 am.

Set 1, 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will restart.

Set 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will include new words for reading and spelling.

New daily films:

- Read longer words

- Read Red Words 1

- Read Red Words 2

- Read and Hold a Sentence 1

- Read and Hold a Sentence 2

For an updated schedule and further information on the new films, head to


Each film is approximately 10-15 minutes long and will be available on YouTube for 24 hours. This is the scheme we follow in school and it would be excellent if you could get your child doing some of these lessons. Along with these lessons, children should be reading everyday, I have attached some games below that will hopefully also help.


RWI are also uploading free books online to read with your children, so have a look at the following link -


All work, sheets and resources from previous weeks can be found on the Home Learning Link at the bottom of the page. I have also attached some useful educational websites and active websites that I hope you will find helpful!

Happy Home Learning:) 

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Welcome to Year 1 at Thorpe Lea. My name is Miss Hunter and I am absolutely delighted to be the Year 1 teacher. I have just successfully completed my PGCE from St.Mary's University, Twickenham where I completed my final placement here at Thorpe Lea.


In Year 1 we also have the lovely Mrs Glennon supporting us with our learning. We are extremely excited for the fun-filled year we have ahead of us. 


 Please use this page to keep up-to-date with your child's learning and any important information for Year 1.  If you have any questions or concerns about any of the below information, please don't hesitate to ask me.


Miss Huntersmiley