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Year 4

Good morning! Back to home schooling again for the last 3 days of term...


If we were at school, we would be completing some fun tasks in the classroom so I want to make this as similar as possible for you all. 


You will see I have put an English, Maths and Topic task for all 3 days, but you can also work through some of the fun booklets/worksheets that you can choose instead or in addition to the main tasks!


These booklets/worksheets are still based around our Year 4 curriculum but just have a fun way of interacting with it through colouring, word searches etc.  


I understand that you may not have access to a printer, so I have tried to include some tasks that will not require you to print anything out. For example, if doing the Tokyo reading comprehension you can read the text on the screen and just write your answers on any paper you have!


Remember, if you need me for anything just message through Class Dojo!


Good luck,


Mr Dolby :)


Our PE days are on Monday and Fridays. Until further notice the children will need to come in wearing their PE kit and then take it home where it can be washed. 



Currently, we are having to make several changes to our reading schedule with books having to be quarantined on return to the school. We will be taking in all reading books on Fridays and then handing out new ones on Monday allowing the books 48 hours to quarantine before being handed out to other children. The children will also still be visiting the library on Wednesday afternoon where they will be able to choose a book. On return, the library books will also be quarantined before being put back into the library.



Due to current regulations I am unable to have extended conversations with parents at drop off and collection. However, if you need me urgently please feel free to contact the school office who will let me know and I will get back to you as soon as I can either by phone or, if essential, organise a face to face meeting where a face mask will need to be worn to protect us all.



Homework will be handed out on a Thursday to be given in by Tuesday. The homework will contain spellings which will be tested on the Wednesday and another task based on our learning at school. The children are also expected to read 5 times a week and record this in their reading diaries and practice their times tables on TTRockstars. If you're unsure of their log in for this website please ask and I will be happy to give it to you.


Thank you,


Mr Dolby