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Year 5

ACS Partnerships - A Night at the West End 2023

The official video from the Magic of Musicals Concert. Well done to all those that took part!

Mr Morrison.



Welcome to Year 5!


My name is Mr Morrison and I am very excited to be your child's teacher this year.


I hope to create a vibrant and inclusive educational community that is dedicated to growing your child's young mind and develops their overall character. In my class, your child will be provided with a rich and well-rounded learning experience that will improve their overall confidence and belief in themselves to achieve great things, and work to instill in them the key values of Hard work, Teamwork and Respect


My lessons will explore their natural creativity, strengthen their individual character and are carefully crafted so they support your child by allowing them to learn in the most effective ways for them. As a team, Mrs Bice and I are fully committed to helping your child every step of the way to make sure they reach their fullest potential and enjoy the learning experience.


If you have any concerns then please don't hesitate to speak to me at the start and end of every day on the gate.






Year 5

(Mr Morrison, Mrs Bice)

Important Reminders:

  • PE Days: are on Tuesdays and Fridays (wear PE kit to school both days)
  • Homework: every week students will be given a Topic, Maths (both a sheet and times tables revision), Spellings, and Reading homework. This will be set every Thursday and due the following Tuesday.  



  • Spellings - children will be given a list of up to 10 words to learn every week. Some of these words will be from the Year 5 and 6 Statutory spellings list (see link for this below) and others will be key vocabulary from the week. 
  • Reading - 5 minutes a day and homework diaries will be checked every day to see whether this has been done. Please comment about their reading as this helps me to understand where I can focus my lessons to help your child. 
  • Maths - children have 2 maths homework's; one is a maths sheet, which will be stuck in their homework books to complete, and the other is set times tables game on Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS), which they can log into using the logins stuck in their reading record bookswhich acts as practice for their times tables test the following Tuesday.
  • Topic - some weeks a fun little topic homework will be provided. 


If you have any concerns or worries regarding your child/ children, please contact the school office or write a message in your child's homework planner and I will happily arrange a time to discuss/ meet with you. 

This Term



In Year 5, we embark on an exciting literary adventure each term, delving into captivating stories that not only ignite our imaginations but also encourage critical thinking and empathy. This term, we have an engaging line-up of books that promise to take our young minds on an unforgettable journey through the world of literature.


"The Man Who Walked Between The Towers" by Mordical Gerstein: Our literary journey starts with a true story called "The Man Who Walked Between The Towers", taking us through the daring life of Philippe Petit, who tightroped between the Twin Towers. 


"Robot Girl" by Malorie Blackman: Next we will dive into the futuristic world of "Robot Girl" where we'll explore themes of technology, identity, and friendship. Malorie Blackman's storytelling prowess will have us understanding the power of artificial intelligence and what it truly means to be human.


"The Lost Thing" by Shaun Tan: Lastly, this beautiful story illustrated by Shaun Tan will invite students to explore extraordinary creatures and hidden wonders in the most unexpected places. As we journey through this tale, we'll learn about the importance of noticing the extraordinary in the ordinary.



In Maths, we are covering a variety of different topics that focus on building strong foundations in a variety of mathematical concepts, including place value, measurements, and various arithmetic operations, like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of 3,4, and 5-digit numbers. 



In Science we will dive into the extraordinary universe of Stephen Hawking, his contributions to theoretical physics and cosmology, particularly his work on black holes and the nature of the cosmos. Through learning about his life and work we will gain insight into the mysteries of the Universe. 


We will also look at the pioneering research of Marie Curie, whose groundbreaking discoveries of radium and polonium changed the course of science, whilst breaking barriers in a male-dominated field. 


To round off our studies we will look at George Washington Carver, more commonly known as ''The Peanut Man'', whose innovative work in agriculture and devotion to improving the lives of farmers revolutionised the agriculture sector forever. 



This terms PE is designed to challenge and inspire students as they collaborate and compete in various team-inspired sports and activities. We'll kick things off with classic team sports like netball and football, and then move towards the rhythmic art of gymnastics. Being a PE specialist, all my activities will explore the wider concept of teamwork and how these extend beyond scoring goals or making baskets, but supporting one another, communicating, and achieving common goals both in and outside of the PE class. 



We are demystifying the language of machines and exploring the limitless possibilities of coding, with students learning how create video games, apps, and websites. 


Topic (Geography): 

We will unearth the secrets behind rural development in the UK and how the landscapes, communities, and policies have shaped rural areas and contributed to the country's rich diversity. 



 Goals are the roadmaps that guide us toward our aspirations, dreams, and personal development. In our PSHE class, we'll explore the significance of setting clear and achievable goals as a fundamental pillar of personal growth and success.



We will have fun deconstructing the Bon Jovi song Living On A Prayer, analysing the lyrics, dissecting the songs melodies, and exploring its structure. 





Year 5 Overview 2023-24

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