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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Welcome to the new school year!

I hope everyone has had a safe and an enjoyable summer. 


My name is Miss Jefford and I will be your child's/ children's class teacher. I am excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and looking forward to a happy and productive school year. 


This upcoming year will be very exciting and fun. Your child will be learning so many new things.


We are now in the Summer term and here is a summary of what the children will be learning. 


In English, we are reading a fictional story called 'Kaspar, The Prince of Cats' by MIchael Morpurgo. The children will create a range of fiction and non fiction writing such as letter, narratives, newspaper articles, recounts. They will spend time researching and reading about The Titanic and its voyage. 


In DT, we will be focusing on nutrition, children will research and modify a traditional bolognese sauce recipe to make it healthier. They will cook their new and improved versions, making appropriate packaging and also learn about the ethical considerations of farming cattle.


In Art the class will be looking at 'A Space painting' inspired by Peter Thorpe. At the start of the unit, the pupils will look at a great artist and how art can be used to represent different observations. They will explore how art is contributing to and reflects historical and cultural developments and how it reflects the era in which it is made. Using inspiration from a great artist they will start by sketching own designs for space paintings. They will then move onto creating their background using an abstract design and experiment with different brush sizes as well as amounts of paint used. It will lead them to create a space painting based on one of their sketches. At the end of the unit, they will evaluate own and others’ work as well as reflect on the cultural and historical effect and significance of art.


Below are some important reminders:

  • PE DaysThursdays and Fridays (Come to school wearing your PE kit on both days).



  • Spellings will be set on every Monday and the children will be tested on Thursdays
  • Read five times a week and have homework diaries signed daily
  • Log onto TTRS to practice timetables for a test on Fridays.
  • Topic Homework will be set on Thursdays on Purple Mash and will be due on Tuesdays



Your child will be given a list of up to 10 words to learn every week. Some words will be from the Year 5 and 6 Statutory spellings and others will be important topic vocabulary. If you would like some fun ideas on how to learn spellings, I can suggest strategies to try. 



Please listen/ or have your child read to a sibling/ friend/ adult at least five times a week for (approximately 15 minutes). Make a record of this in their homework diary. If you wish to make a comment about their reading e.g. if they are find the book too easy or too challenging, we can change their books. Their books will be changed on a weekly basis (every Friday) and their homework diaries will be checked too. 



We will have PE on Thursdays (Indoors) and Friday (Outdoors). Please make sure your child wears the appropriate PE Kit for these days. 


If you have any concerns or worries regarding your child/ children, please contact the school office or write a message in your child's homework planner and I will happily arrange a time to discuss/ meet with you. 


Miss Jefford smiley


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