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Year 6

Weekly Project  - Local Study

This week I would like you to do a local study and consider the past, present and future of our area.  What could you find there 100 years ago? 500 years ago?  What will it look like in 100 years time?  How can we help to protect things in our local area such as wildlife and the natural environment? 


You could create maps, fact files, stories, posters, powerpoint presentations, games.  The choice really is yours.  This is a wonderful opportunity to find out more about the area you live, it's history and how we can protect it for future generations. 




Friday 27th March - Happy Friday Year 6! Normally we'd all be looking forward to a break and a few days away from school. This week has been very different. I hope you've been enjoying learning in a new way and taking some responsibility for your own work. It's an important skill! Today we have some 'time' activities for you to have a look at for maths. It goes without saying how important it is to be confident with time. In English we are recapping subordinate conjunctions. Go through the powerpoint first then have a go at one (or both) of the activities. Stay safe and enjoy! PS Don't forget to scroll down for ideas for the 'Blitz' project - I hope you've done some good work on this already.

Thursday 26th March



Today I would like you to review a book of your choice.  It can be one you're reading, one recently finished or even an old favourite.  It should include:

-a little bit about the story

- the characters

- the things you liked and disliked about it

-would you recommend it to a friend?

-who is it aimed at?


I have attached a template if you need some help to get started but feel free to adapt and write it in your own way.  You can add pictures if you want to make it look more interesting and colourful.  I'd recommend reading some book reviews online before writing your own to help give you some inspiration.




Nothing fancy about this one I'm afraid - a good old fashioned arithmetic paper.  The skills needed for this test are vital and you must keep your 'maths brain' ticking while you're off.  Normally you would get 30 mins to sit this paper but feel free to do it in stages if you prefer.  Good luck! 

Wednesday 25th March - Hello everyone. I hope you've been able to get outside in the beautiful sunshine,safely of course, in the garden or somewhere quiet. Today we are converting measures in maths, there are three levels of difficulty to choose from. In English it's our first writing challenge and it requires some imagination. Read the instructions carefully and enjoy!

Tuesday 24th March - Morning year 6. I hope you got off to a good start with your learning yesterday and you're keeping active and safe. Remember how important it is to stay at home, even if it's boring! There are two maths challenges to choose from; if you're feeling enthusiastic you could do both! Have a go at the reading comprehension then use the answers to check afterwards. Don't forget to do some of the activities for history too! Same time tomorrow. :)

Week 1 Project: History - The Blitz

This week I would like to to focus on continuing our history learning and research 'The Blitz'.  This was a scary time for the people of Britain and they had to make significant changes to their daily lives - just like we are right now.  There's a video to watch below (as well as many more online) and here are some activity ideas for you to work on throughout the week:


- Write a diary entry about a night in the air raid shelter

- Create a model Anderson or Morrison shelter

- Write a letter to a friend describing life during the raids

- Research RAF planes and create a fact file (you could do this on the computer or by hand)

- Create a wordsearch

- Design a blackout poster with instructions for the public to follow

- Be creative and make up your own activity!

Living through air raids | History - Children of World War Two

We meet Alan and his grand-daughter Isabel. Alan lived in north London during the Second World War and was in his home when the neighbour's house suffered a ...

Monday 23rd March - Answers are provided but please have a go before you check - no sneaky peeks! The suffix activity has three levels so choose one you find challenging.

Dear Year 6,


I hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe.  These are unprecedented times we find ourselves in - I never thought this would be how I'd be setting your learning at this time of the year.  I know there are certainly mixed emotions about no longer having to sit your SATs, you have worked hard over the past few months and we should still set our sights high as you prepare yourselves for new challenges in September.


At the moment,  I will be setting daily maths and English tasks as well as a topic for you to research and to be creative.  I don't want you to be overwhelmed with this but given we'd normally be at school all day,  I suggest that at least half an hour per subject, per day would be a good guide. 


As well as this, use the time you have at home to stay active, help around the house and read, read, read! 


Speak to you soon,

Mr Collin 



Home Learning


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, lots of children are unable to come to school due to government regulations on self isolation. 


To ensure children are still able to access work from home, we will be putting up work for the children to complete each day in their home learning books that were sent home last week. 


Each day, the children will be set an English task and a Maths task. A lot of these worksheets are differentiated by stars with 1 star being the easiest and 3 stars being the most difficult! The children will be used to being able to choose a challenge with our Red, Amber and Green challenges at school and it will be up to them as to what difficulty they would like to attempt.


As well as these worksheets, we would still like the children to be reading at least 5 times a week and practising their times tables. You can either practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars or download one of the Times Tables sheets from the documents below.


If you are not able to print out these worksheets, please try your best to copy down the questions into your workbook and answer them from there.


All of the worksheets have answers attached which can be used to mark and check your work when you have finished!


Stay safe and enjoy your learning!

Picture 1

Happy New Year


Well that flew by didn't it?!   Here we are in 2020 and only two more terms at Thorpe Lea to go.  I hope you all enjoyed your break and are looking forward to all the excitement and hard work we have planned for this term.


We have hit the ground running and started learning some new topics and studying a new book in our English.  We are learning about the Amazon river and rainforest as part of our geogrpahy;  WW2 in our history topic (see the blitz art work below) and we are reading 'The Boy in the Tower' by Polly Ho-Yen who visited the school last year.


We finished the week's maths learning with a game of 'Totality' which the children enjoyed.  They had to figure out the rules from watching a silent video which was a challenge in itself.  Hopefully they can recall them for you at home! 




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Revision Guides and Useful Information


It was great to meet many of the parents at the end of last term and discuss the progress of Year 6 so far.  Many people asked about appropriate practice and revision materials for the SATs in May.  There are a lot of really good resources out there which are easily accessible. Just make sure they are up to date for the current curriculum and relevant for KS2.  Here are a few examples:


CGP Maths SATs Revision Guide


CGP English Study Book - useful for grammar revision in particular.


CGP Maths SAT Buster Practice Tests


Letts KS2 Comprehension Practice Workbook

Meet the Teacher

It was lovely to meet so many of the Year 6 parents at our 'Meet the Teacher' session yesterday.  If you weren't able to make it, or would like to go over anything from my presentation, then you can find that attached on this page. Please get in touch if there is anything I didn't cover or if you have any further questions. 


Thanks again, I hope to see you again soon.

Mr Collin 



Meet the Teacher Powerpoint 2019

Welcome to Year 6!


Hello and welcome to Year 6 at Thorpe Lea.  I hope that over the last few days you have started to feel settled in your new classroom and ready for the challenges ahead.  As you know, this is my first term at Thorpe Lea and I'm thrilled to be here.  I have come from a school in Bracknell and I've been teaching in Year 6 for a few years and was in Year 5 before that. This school is smaller than my previous one, but if you see me looking lost - I'd be grateful if you could point me in the right direction! 


We have lots of exciting things planned in our curriculum and the new timetable means that we will be able to enjoy a real variety of subjects. This term we will be focusing on Ancient Greece in our history topic - we kick things of by making some Greek pottery in our DT lessons.  In science and Geography we will look at our changing world and the very relevant issue of global warming. 


Below is our subject overview for the entire year if you like to plan ahead. 


I will update this page as regularly as I can with useful information about school and our curriculum, however, if you have any questions then please do get in touch.


I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming year.

Mr Collin  











Yr 6

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Our Changing World

The Nature Library

Body Pump/ Body Health

Light Up Your World

Everything Changes

Danger Low Voltage




micro bits



We are App planners

We are App Designers


Marketing Campaign

Creating Social Media Profiles


Sketching / murals

Making Ceramic Poppies

Tudor Rose



Portraits (self and of inventors)


Greek Pottery and Sculpture

Model Trenches

The Globe Theatre

Chocolate (designing a bar)

Sustainable Packaging

Designing a board game (Link to circuits)


Global Warning/Climate Change

Modern Day Europe

Tudor Explorers

South America (The Amazon)

Our World and the Future

Climate Change


Ancient Greece

Impact of War




Impact of War


Inventors (Eddison)


I’ll be there

Classroom Jazz 2

A New Year Carol


You’ve got a friend

Reflect, Rewind and Replay


What helps Hindus to worship?

How is God three – and yet one?


What do the Gospels say about the birth of Jesus – and why is it ‘good news’?

Adam, Eve, Christmas, Easter: What are the connections?

Did Jesus have to die?

What is the ‘Buddhist way of life’?

How can churches help us to understand Christian belief?


Say no!

It’s our world


Who Likes Chocolate?

People Around Us

Money Matters





Martial Arts Dance




Tag Rugby


Stretching and Movement









Self Defence


Bon Appétit

Je suis le musician

En Route pour l’école

Scéne de plage

Le retour du printemps

Les planétes



All pupils in the school are given weekly homework and we ask that maximum effort is given to ensure it is completed and returned on time. Although we hope the children are able to take some responsibility and complete their work independently, we are delighted when parents choose to help children who become stuck. Please don't be afraid to support your child if they need some support and extra help at home. Should a set task baffle adults, please don't hesitate to come and see me.


All homework is expected to be completed to the same standard as classwork - poor presentation and effort will be not be accepted here at Thorpe Lea. 



As the title suggests, these activities can be completed out of choice! Every week I will suggest an activity to take part in with family and friends. I appreciate that there might not time available to complete the activities each week but they are designed to encourage the children to get creative, go outside or interact with others and I strongly encourage you to participate where possible!



Your child is expected to read every evening for 10 minutes. They need to bring their reading book and signed homework diary into school every morning. Children who do not read at home will need to catch up with it during their lunchtime. The expectation is that they read one book a week in-depth. I would also like to see a mix of fiction and non fiction books. As a class, we are not as confident or fluent as we need to be. It is a major area of development which we will work on together!


As well as the two tasks above, your child will also be provided with one or more of the following topics each week. 



Your child will be provided with a spelling rule on a Thursday and a list of words connected with this rule. Each morning we will practice the spellings before holding a test on Thursday morning. These words will taken predominantly from the Year 5 and 6 spelling word list which can be found in the National Curriculum. 



Pupils are asked to practice their times tables on a short, daily routine. They will usually have a times tables test on Monday; however their knowledge of their number facts greatly improves their daily performance in numeracy.


A piece maths homework will be provided on a bi-weekly basis (on rotation with literacy) which will require children to talk about their maths and use different strategies to work out the answers.

Anyone who is unable to complete homework at home, can attend homework club in our Library and ICT suite on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes.



The school have implemented a new scheme in the classroom based on the concept of philosophy. Children are encouraged to share ideas, opinions and verbalise their thoughts in response to questions and topics created by the children themselves. The topics are wide ranging but allow the children the opportunity to think before responding. Should P4C be included in the homework, please try to spend a little time with your child discussing the chosen subject and encouraging them to articulate their thoughts and opinions.


Please note with SATs approaching later in the school year, additional homework will be given to help pupils prepare thoroughly. Should you wish for your child to have additional homework to help consolidate their learning, please come and speak with me.


Homework hand out day: Thursday

Homework is due in day: Tuesday

(Should there be any problem with meeting the weekly deadline, please speak to me before Thursday)

Example homework template



I have provided some ideas for how to help support your child at home to enable them to acquire the skills they will need here at Thorpe Lea and beyond.  I have included documents about supporting your child in reading, writing and with their speaking and listening skills. It is so important that home and school work together to help children reach their full potential so I hope this will provide few ideas about how this can be achieved.


Please let me know if you have found this useful or have any further questions.


Helping your child to read with greater understanding

Supporting your child with practical every day maths skills

Helping your child through questioning

Developing advanced Speaking and Listening skills with your child

Encouraging your child to write with freedom

Additional Online Maths and Literacy Programmes


Web Links for SATS preparation