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Year 6

Monday 13th July


It's the final countdown!  Your parents will understand that reference if you don't.  We're almost at the end of your time and Thorpe Lea, Year  6.  I hope that those of you at home are safe and well and are looking forward to your summer and all the excitement that lies ahead.  I'm sad that I won't be seeing some of you before the end of term and want to wish you all the best as you move to secondary school.  I will add an update to this later in the week.


Those of us still at school will be spending some time tomorrow and Wednesday looking at some of the issues around growing up from our RSE curriculum, as mentioned in my letter which was sent to parents last week.  Below are is some of the content that we will be covering if you or your parent wish to have a look.


Enjoy this week and keep an eye out for a final goodbye! 


Mr Collin 



Monday 6th July


Good morning everyone,


I hope you had a nice weekend and maybe had a chance to get out and about now that a few more things are open - staying nice and safe of course!


This week I'd like you to spend some time thinking about secondary school.  Time is running out at Thorpe Lea and it's important to prepare yourself for September.  Think about what the similarities and differences are between primary and secondary and how you're going to prepare yourself for them.  You could make a checklist, create a plan, set yourself some reminders for things you need to do or maybe even write a letter to your new headteacher.  That's what we're going to do at school.  You may or may not choose to send it to them but it's a good exercise.  Tell them about yourself and what you'd like to be in place to help you learn as you move to the school.  Be persuasive, articulate and polite. 


There are some activities for you to have a go at below - mostly they are quite nice and informal as we wind down the school year.  I mainly want you to spend some time thinking about September and preparing yourself. Spend some time browsing your new school's website and see everything that they do.  It will be really useful.



Mr Collin 

Monday 29th July


Good morning everyone,

Hopefully those of you at home are staying safe and well and still managing to maintain a routine of doing some learning as part of your day.  I know this must be tricky but it's really important as you prepare for September. 


Not too long left now for your time at Thorpe Lea so but I'm pleased to say that the hoodies have been ordered so hopefully you can expect one on your doorstep in the next few weeks.  


Keep active, keep reading and practising your maths and hopefully we might see a few more of you before the end of term.


Mr Collin 

Monday 22nd June 


Good morning Year 6.  It's going to be a hot one this week so make sure you enjoy the good weather but stay cool and protected in the sun.  Please see below for this week's learning.  The English and maths are combined into a single document and the topic for this week is electricity. 


Have a good week and I hope to see some more of you at school soon.  Well done for all of your hard work over the last few months - it will be so helpful for your next challenge in September.


Mr Collin :-) 

Monday 15th June


Good morning everyone,


Welcome to a new week.  This week there is a selection of fun and interesting challenges for you to tackle.  I have uploaded a maths and English activity booklet which combines a variety of skills and needs some good thinking to complete.  The answers are also there if you need to check (not too soon).


One thing we have been doing at school this week was designing our own board game and I would love you to do the same. Follow the link below and think carefully about your theme, outcomes and style when designing your game.  You should make a detailed plan, rules and 'mock-up' before making the final product.  Play testing is vital so see who you can rope in at home to play along with you. 


Have fun and enjoy.  If you haven't seen it already, the school video tour is well worth a watch and includes a short clip with yours truly!


See you soon.  

Thorpe Lea School Tour

Join the staff as they take you on a tour of the changes we have made to school, over the last few weeks.

Monday 8th June 


Good morning everyone,


I hope that everyone who's at home is keeping safe and well.  It's been great being back in school and seeing some of the year 6 faces but we're missing those of you who aren't in.


Today is 'World Oceans Day' so I'd like you to use this as your theme for the week.  The ocean is so important to our environment and it's crucial that we understand more about it and how we can protect it. There is some information for you to read, but further to that you could:

- Create a poster about protecting oceans

- Research some sea creatures

- Produce a powerpoint about saving the oceans

- Learn about sustainability in fishing

- Do some ocean themed art work or model making

- Write a letter to an influential person about the importance of protecting the oceans

- Label a world map with all the major oceans and seas


Plus much more!


The English and maths this week are largely 'stand alone' activities for you to dip in and out of.  The creative writing ideas information is something I'd like you to have a real go at - it's important to be able to create ideas from given stimulus so this is good practice.


Don't forget to keep active - Joe Wicks is still going strong I think so there's lots of fun exercise opportunities on Youtube if you aren't able to get out much.  The weather is not as good as it has been but make sure you get some fresh air and keep smiling.


Have a great week and stay safe! :-) 




World Oceans Day

Happy Monday Year 6


Hello everyone  - I guess I'm talking to those of you who are still currently at home and that is absolutely fine.  I'm proud that you're reading this and want to make sure we keep things updated online for you to have things to be working on at home.  


This week we have quite a bit of reading comprehension for English - you can never do enough reading and analysiing of texts.  It is so important to this subject and good practice after a few weeks of writing and SPaG focus.


Maths we have some problem solving and reasoning for you to tackle.  It's one long document so take it a bit at a time and come back to it when you can.  The answers are at the end for you to check.


Our topic this week is one which we are going to cover in school and that's the Maya Civilisation.  There is some information for you to look at to get going but feel free to research as much as you can about the history of this civilisation.  There are lots of interesting things to discover, make, draw, paint etc.  Enjoy!  


Stay safe and be good at home!

Mr Collin 

Maths Activity Booklet Week 01.06.20

Morning everyone,


Under normal circumstances this week would be half term.  As you know things have not been very normal for a while now.  We felt it was appropriate to have something here for you if you would like to spend some time this week keeping your brain ticking over as you prepare for coming back to school.  I  have set a selection of 'tests' - however this is not meant to panic anyone.  You were very used to these practise papers when we were at school and they're a good reminder of a variety of different topics.  Tackle them at your own pace, you don't have to do them in test condition.  If there's a question you struggle with, maybe look up how to do it online before moving on.  This is an important part of our learning.  


Enjoy the sunshine, help out at home and be kind to your family members.  See you soon! :-)  

Monday 25th May

Bank Holiday 


Morning everyone.  If you're reading this on the 25th - good on you!  Luckily for you today is a bank holiday so relax and enjoy it!


It seems like I will be seeing lots of you soon so this week we will be getting back into the swing of things in preparation for being back at school.  There will still be things uploaded on here from next Monday for those of you are staying at home.


I'm looking forward to seeing you next week.  Enjoy today and check back in tomorrow for this week's work.  :-) 

The Planets


Another amazing video for you to watch this week.  This one is an animation called 'The Planets' and has incredible amounts of detail and opportunities for interesting writing.  Please read the information on the website like about each planet to help you complete some of the tasks below.


- Write descriptions for each planet as if you are an astronaut landing on them.

- Write descriptions of the alien life forms.

- Write dialogues between you and the aliens or between the aliens.

- Create holiday brochure entries for each planet.

- Discuss and write a set of rules for the argumentative aliens on planet 6.

- You could write narratives set on any of the planets describing how they survive there and escape (if needed)

- You could create their own planets – each planet having a different setting and characters – these characters could then interact with each other.

- Write poems based on the song at the end.  Looking at rhyme, structure etc


I don't expect you to do all of these but perhaps choose two or three do to in a good level of detail.  At school we would structure some of these activities over a few days planning, writing and editing.  Please use a similar approach at home.


This is a topic I really enjoy so I hope you do too! 

The Planets

An animated short film in twelve parts. The whole project is archived at All Pictures, Sound and Movement by Andy Martin ...

Good Morning Year 6! 


How are you all?  I'm sure that many of you realised that under normal circumstances you would have finished your SATs last week.  Whilst I'm sure that many of you don't mind, I'm sorry that you didn't have a chance to show of your skills and experience your first real batch of formal exams.  Just remember that everyone across the country is feeling the same as you and your focus now is to get yourself prepared for beginning a new school in September. 


This week I have set another batch of maths activities on one document which hopefully makes it easy to save or print for the week. 


I have kicked off our English learning with a comprehension activity based on Apollo 13.  We will be looking at Space in greater detail this week so keep an eye out for further tasks!  There are 3 levels of challenge for this task so don't be intimidated by all the pages (and don't print them all!).  Just focus on the 1*, 2* or 3* activity. 


Finally, it looks like I'll be seeing lots of you quite soon as we get ready to open school for year 6 on the 1st June.  Lots of things need to still be arranged to make sure this is safe but I'm looking forward to seeing you all! 


Have a great week and keep an eye on here for your next challenges. 

Maths challenges for this week

English - 'RUIN'


Below you will find a link to a website as well as a video clip of an animated short story. The story is called 'Ruin' and is an action packed adventure which leaves you with lots of interesting questions.  It's pretty exciting and children have loved it when I've taught this clip before.  I want this clip to be the focus of study for English this week and for you to produce a few different pieces of work based on it - just like we would do over a week if we were at school.  I am going to list a selection of different activities and leave it up to you which ones you choose to do.


Firstly, consider these questions:

  • When is this story set?  How do we know?
  • What do you think has happened?
  • How did one man survive or are there more?
  • What is trying to stop him and why?
  • What will happen next


Following this you could:

  • Describe the settings in the opening scenes. 
  • Create an internal monologue for the character. 
  • Retell the story (or parts of it) as a third person narrative. 
  • Create a character profile (fill in the missing information) 
  • Create a news report to describe the day the 'world ended' 
  • Write a prequel
  • Create further scenes set in this landscape. 
  • Design additional futuristic weapons/machines - draw diagrams and write explanations. 
  • When the film ends what happens next?  Continue the story.


Make sure you watch the clip a few times and thoroughly read the information linked on the website, some of which is listed above.  This is a great stimulus for some excellent writing and I hope you enjoy it! 



RUIN - An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe. It's only a tiny sliver of a much larger story. Thankfully, it's now set up at 20th Century Fox ...

Weekly Topic - MUSIC


This week I'm setting you what I hope is a fun challenge.  To research, listen to and even produce your own music.  Music has been a part of life for thousands of years and as you can imagine it has changed a lot.  People from around the world listen to all different styles and genres and there is so much to choose from.   I would like you to try hard to research music that is outside of what you are used to.  Some examples could be:

- Country

- Jazz

- Classical

- Samba

- Funk


- Hip-hop

- Ska

- Reggae


You could: listen to some of the music; research some famous musicians from this genre; practise an instrument you already play; try and learn a new instrument; build your own instrument from things found around the house; create a music quiz..  The list goes on!


I love music and want to inspire you to broaden your musical horizons - I look forward to your global playlists! 

English - Monday 11th May


Below are a selection of poems based around VE Day  for you to read and examine.  I'd like you to write a poem of your own based on this theme.  There has been lots of information about VE Day online and on TV so feel free to research the subject more to enhance your poem.   It can take any form you like but make sure you take your time and put some thought into what is a poignant topic at the moment.  Enjoy! 

English - VE Day Poems.



This week I have uploaded all of the maths worksheets onto one document to make things a little easier for you.  Each page has sections A,B or C so choose a challenge for your own ability and do a few extras if you feel up to it.  You can do them in any order you wish! 

Maths Week 11th May

May 4th (be with you!)


This week I have tried to help out a little with your organisation by putting the work for the week online all together - I hope this helps.  


In maths, I want you to focus on arithmetic and I have uploaded lots of practise papers for you to try.  The questions start quite easy but get more difficult as you go through them.  We have covered almost all of the methods needed in class so dig deep into your memory and look on youtube for some helpful methods if you need a reminder. 


In English there's a focus on reading and writing.  We must make sure we keep this skills going while we are off school so make sure you are trying to do your best writing and not rushing through.  Your schools in September will be expecting you to be able to write quite a lot! 


Science Week 

Our topic for this week is 'Electricity'.  I would like you to research the history of electricity as well as how it works and how much it impacts our lives today.  Without electricity you wouldn't be reading this message!    I have uploaded some information to get you started but after that it's over to you!  Do some research, do an experiment, build something that uses electricity, tally how many electrical items you find in your house.  It's really up to you.  I will add the links to some websites for you to browse to get you 'switched on'  Athankyou! ;-) 


Friday 1st May


Hello year 6 :) 

 Usually I'm saying something like 'I hope you've been enjoying the sunshine,' but unfortunately things have gotten a little wet out there!  Weather aside, I hope you're all doing well as these weeks tick by.  


Some challenging fractions work for you to try today - the RED sheet is a good confidence builder but the tip for the other two sheets is to make the denominator the same.  Plenty of info online if you can't remember the method.


Some information and questions about VE day for you to tackle as well as hopefully finishing off any of your learning about Buddhism.


Stay safe, stay dry!  Speak to you soon  :-) 

Hello year 6,


I hope everyone is doing well this week despite the change in the weather! Hopefully you've managed to dive into learning about Buddhism as well as our English and maths activities.  A few more things for you to have a go at today including some tricky learning about converting miles and kilometres.  


There is a dictionary activity for you to try; if you have a a dictionary that's great, but if you don't you can access them quite easily online now.


Enjoy! :) 

Weekly Project - 'What is the Buddhist way of life?'


This week we are going to focus on RE and I would like you to research the question 'What is the Buddhist way of life?'.  You may have seen or heard about some of the ideas or images linked to Buddhism but not fully understood their significance.  Now is your chance to find out. 


Here are some ideas:

- Create a piece of art 

- Research and create a fact file 

- Powerpoint presentation

- Create a model, figure or carving

- Are there foods related to Buddhism?

-What are the traditions and daily routines of Buddhists?


Lots of interesting information to be researched in this area.  I hope you enjoy learning about it.


Friday 24th April


Happy Friday everyone!


It was great to check in with lots of you yesterday and chat with you and your parents. It sounds like we're all coping as best we can during these difficult times.  


Today I have uploaded a SPAG activity sheet for you which I admit is quite tricky.  Don't worry if you find it challenging - just have a go.  You could always do some research online if you get the chance.


We're recapping time and making calculations based on the analogue clock today - always a valuable skill!


Finally there's something a little different for you to try: a European flag challenge.  If you've been doing PE with Joe you'll be brushing up on your world trivia so this will help!


Enjoy :) 


100 Recommended Reads


Below is a list of recommended books for year 6.  If you're struggling for ideas then this would be a great place to start.  Maybe you could set yourself a challenge to see how many you can read before we get back to school?


Enjoy :) 

Phone Call Check-in


I am planning to give everyone a call tomorrow to check-in, say hello and see how you're all doing.  Hopefully we can have a quick chat as it's been so long since I've seen you.  If the adults at home get a call from the school number - it's probably me!  


Hope to speak to you tomorrow :) 

Wednesday 22nd April 



Who's ready to get spooky?  Today I'm setting you a spine-chilling challenge to write a spooky setting description to keep your readers on the edge of their seats.  I have read a couple of books recently which had my heart racing and palms sweating to find out what happened next.  See if you can do the same to someone at home when they read your story.  There are some spooky setting pictures to give you inspiration and some planning sheets to help get you started.  Fill in the sheet for a picture of your choice (or just use the question headings - no need to print) and then write your story up in your book. See if you can include a range of punctuation and make it some of your best writing, checking it as you go. Good luck!



I have uploaded two 'maths mats' which include a range of different activities for you to tackle.  Each one has three levels of challenge so pick one which challenges you.



Don't forget about our sustainable packaging project.  Could you link it to Science and find out about the physical processes needed to make your packaging? 

Tuesday 21st April


Good morning Year 6,


Today is the Queen's birthday, and to commemorate this there is some information for you to read and some questions to answer.  There are three levels of question difficulty so choose one to challenge yourself.


Moving on from yesterday, there are some multi-step word problems based around percentage for you to tackle in maths.


Hopefully you began to do some research on sustainable packaging as part of our project for this week.  I look forward to hearing about some of your ideas.


Finally, I just wanted to remind you how important it is to be reading each day.  I have managed to read more books in the last four weeks that I did in the last four years, and I'm really enjoying it.  Find something to read which helps you escape the lockdown and get lost in another world.  Enjoy! 


Weekly Project -  20th April 2020

Sustainable Packaging


As part of our DT this term we are looking at 'Sustainable Packaging' so what I'd like you to do this week is explore what this is and how or why it's important to us.  Now more than ever we are relying on things being delivered to our homes.  How many of these things are reusable or recyclable? You can investigate what types of materials are currently used in packaging for food and other goods.  Are there things that aren't as popular yet that we should be using more of to help the planet?  These are all questions for you to consider.


Activity Ideas

- Research different types of packaging

- What does sustainable mean?

- Where in the world do we get packaging materials from?

- When will non sustainable materials run out?

- Design and make your own sustainable packaging

- Pitch ideas for investment (like Dragon's Den) for your own packaging

- Create a powerpoint presentation

- Come up with your our own ideas! 

Monday 20th April


Hello Year 6.  Welcome back - sort of!  We're not really back anywhere I suppose but I do hope that you had an enjoyable couple of weeks relaxing.  As we did before Easter, I'll be setting you some tasks to have a go at each day in maths and English and giving you a topic to think about in a bit more detail across the whole week.  


For English this week were going to focus on our punctuation and there's a powerpoint presentation for you to read through and a couple of activity sheets to attempt today.  Read the information carefully to help you with the activities and show the appropriate way to use semi colons, colons and dashes.


In Maths today there are two activity sheets, one is more trick than the other but they both involve converting percentages.  Enjoy! 





Happy Easter!


Good morning everyone,

Over Easter I want you to relax and recuperate but we wanted to give you some ideas for activities and challenges you could try during your break.  Below is an Easter 'Activities'

challenge worksheet.  There is no order so feel free to have a go at any of the challenges you want from the list - how many can you do? 


I would always recommend that you're reading daily and it would be great for you to practise some maths over the holidays too.  The weather has been good this weekend so make sure you get outside safely and do some physical excercise too.  Joe Wicks is doing daily workouts for children on YouTube so check that out if you haven't already!


Have fun! 

Friday 3rd April - The end of another strange week year 6. Hopefully you've been able to fit some school work in alongside relaxing, getting some daily exercise and helping around the house. Today we have three maths board games for your to try. Why not ask someone at home to play with you? For English, I'd like you to write a blurb or synopsis for a film, TV show, book or game that you like. Summarise what it's about and try and use your persuasive skills to make the reader desperate to watch, read or play! I won't be settting work like this during Easter but keep an eye on the page for some challenges and things for you to try! Have a lovely break and stay safe!

Thursday 2nd April

 Happy Thursday! I hope you’ve been working hard and   had some creative ideas for  your poems yesterday.  I need you to keep that creativity flowing today and create a persuasive advert for an item from your home.  It could be anything from your toothbrush to your cat! There is a powerpoint presentation attached that explains what makes a good advert so make sure you read that first.  Secondly, we have our old fried the arithmetic paper!  You know what to do!  Enjoy J

Wednesday 1st April - Today I would like you to write a poem year 6. You have two choices for a theme: a) April Fools Day b) The school being closed. You can choose and be as creative as you want. Any form of poem is acceptable (apart from the ones that only take 2 minutes!). There are some word problems for you to attempt in maths. Don't forget about your local study!

Tuesday 31st March - Morning year 6. Another sunny morning and I hope you're all safe and well. The English activity has three levels so pick one you find challenging and copy the sentences into your books. The maths questions can include a remainder so you can either write the remainder or challenge yourself to find the decimal answer! Good luck and don't forget to do some work on your local study. :)

Weekly Project  - Local Study

This week I would like you to do a local study and consider the past, present and future of our area.  What could you find there 100 years ago? 500 years ago?  What will it look like in 100 years time?  How can we help to protect things in our local area such as wildlife and the natural environment? 


You could create maps, fact files, stories, posters, powerpoint presentations, games.  The choice really is yours.  This is a wonderful opportunity to find out more about the area you live, it's history and how we can protect it for future generations. 




Friday 27th March - Happy Friday Year 6! Normally we'd all be looking forward to a break and a few days away from school. This week has been very different. I hope you've been enjoying learning in a new way and taking some responsibility for your own work. It's an important skill! Today we have some 'time' activities for you to have a look at for maths. It goes without saying how important it is to be confident with time. In English we are recapping subordinate conjunctions. Go through the powerpoint first then have a go at one (or both) of the activities. Stay safe and enjoy! PS Don't forget to scroll down for ideas for the 'Blitz' project - I hope you've done some good work on this already.

Thursday 26th March



Today I would like you to review a book of your choice.  It can be one you're reading, one recently finished or even an old favourite.  It should include:

-a little bit about the story

- the characters

- the things you liked and disliked about it

-would you recommend it to a friend?

-who is it aimed at?


I have attached a template if you need some help to get started but feel free to adapt and write it in your own way.  You can add pictures if you want to make it look more interesting and colourful.  I'd recommend reading some book reviews online before writing your own to help give you some inspiration.




Nothing fancy about this one I'm afraid - a good old fashioned arithmetic paper.  The skills needed for this test are vital and you must keep your 'maths brain' ticking while you're off.  Normally you would get 30 mins to sit this paper but feel free to do it in stages if you prefer.  Good luck! 

Wednesday 25th March - Hello everyone. I hope you've been able to get outside in the beautiful sunshine,safely of course, in the garden or somewhere quiet. Today we are converting measures in maths, there are three levels of difficulty to choose from. In English it's our first writing challenge and it requires some imagination. Read the instructions carefully and enjoy!

Tuesday 24th March - Morning year 6. I hope you got off to a good start with your learning yesterday and you're keeping active and safe. Remember how important it is to stay at home, even if it's boring! There are two maths challenges to choose from; if you're feeling enthusiastic you could do both! Have a go at the reading comprehension then use the answers to check afterwards. Don't forget to do some of the activities for history too! Same time tomorrow. :)

Week 1 Project: History - The Blitz

This week I would like to to focus on continuing our history learning and research 'The Blitz'.  This was a scary time for the people of Britain and they had to make significant changes to their daily lives - just like we are right now.  There's a video to watch below (as well as many more online) and here are some activity ideas for you to work on throughout the week:


- Write a diary entry about a night in the air raid shelter

- Create a model Anderson or Morrison shelter

- Write a letter to a friend describing life during the raids

- Research RAF planes and create a fact file (you could do this on the computer or by hand)

- Create a wordsearch

- Design a blackout poster with instructions for the public to follow

- Be creative and make up your own activity!

Living through air raids | History - Children of World War Two

We meet Alan and his grand-daughter Isabel. Alan lived in north London during the Second World War and was in his home when the neighbour's house suffered a ...

Monday 23rd March - Answers are provided but please have a go before you check - no sneaky peeks! The suffix activity has three levels so choose one you find challenging.

Dear Year 6,


I hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe.  These are unprecedented times we find ourselves in - I never thought this would be how I'd be setting your learning at this time of the year.  I know there are certainly mixed emotions about no longer having to sit your SATs, you have worked hard over the past few months and we should still set our sights high as you prepare yourselves for new challenges in September.


At the moment,  I will be setting daily maths and English tasks as well as a topic for you to research and to be creative.  I don't want you to be overwhelmed with this but given we'd normally be at school all day,  I suggest that at least half an hour per subject, per day would be a good guide. 


As well as this, use the time you have at home to stay active, help around the house and read, read, read! 


Speak to you soon,

Mr Collin 



Home Learning


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, lots of children are unable to come to school due to government regulations on self isolation. 


To ensure children are still able to access work from home, we will be putting up work for the children to complete each day in their home learning books that were sent home last week. 


Each day, the children will be set an English task and a Maths task. A lot of these worksheets are differentiated by stars with 1 star being the easiest and 3 stars being the most difficult! The children will be used to being able to choose a challenge with our Red, Amber and Green challenges at school and it will be up to them as to what difficulty they would like to attempt.


As well as these worksheets, we would still like the children to be reading at least 5 times a week and practising their times tables. You can either practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars or download one of the Times Tables sheets from the documents below.


If you are not able to print out these worksheets, please try your best to copy down the questions into your workbook and answer them from there.


All of the worksheets have answers attached which can be used to mark and check your work when you have finished!


Stay safe and enjoy your learning!

Happy New Year


Well that flew by didn't it?!   Here we are in 2020 and only two more terms at Thorpe Lea to go.  I hope you all enjoyed your break and are looking forward to all the excitement and hard work we have planned for this term.


We have hit the ground running and started learning some new topics and studying a new book in our English.  We are learning about the Amazon river and rainforest as part of our geogrpahy;  WW2 in our history topic (see the blitz art work below) and we are reading 'The Boy in the Tower' by Polly Ho-Yen who visited the school last year.


We finished the week's maths learning with a game of 'Totality' which the children enjoyed.  They had to figure out the rules from watching a silent video which was a challenge in itself.  Hopefully they can recall them for you at home! 




Revision Guides and Useful Information


It was great to meet many of the parents at the end of last term and discuss the progress of Year 6 so far.  Many people asked about appropriate practice and revision materials for the SATs in May.  There are a lot of really good resources out there which are easily accessible. Just make sure they are up to date for the current curriculum and relevant for KS2.  Here are a few examples:


CGP Maths SATs Revision Guide


CGP English Study Book - useful for grammar revision in particular.


CGP Maths SAT Buster Practice Tests


Letts KS2 Comprehension Practice Workbook

Meet the Teacher

It was lovely to meet so many of the Year 6 parents at our 'Meet the Teacher' session yesterday.  If you weren't able to make it, or would like to go over anything from my presentation, then you can find that attached on this page. Please get in touch if there is anything I didn't cover or if you have any further questions. 


Thanks again, I hope to see you again soon.

Mr Collin 



Meet the Teacher Powerpoint 2019

Welcome to Year 6!


Hello and welcome to Year 6 at Thorpe Lea.  I hope that over the last few days you have started to feel settled in your new classroom and ready for the challenges ahead.  As you know, this is my first term at Thorpe Lea and I'm thrilled to be here.  I have come from a school in Bracknell and I've been teaching in Year 6 for a few years and was in Year 5 before that. This school is smaller than my previous one, but if you see me looking lost - I'd be grateful if you could point me in the right direction! 


We have lots of exciting things planned in our curriculum and the new timetable means that we will be able to enjoy a real variety of subjects. This term we will be focusing on Ancient Greece in our history topic - we kick things of by making some Greek pottery in our DT lessons.  In science and Geography we will look at our changing world and the very relevant issue of global warming. 


Below is our subject overview for the entire year if you like to plan ahead. 


I will update this page as regularly as I can with useful information about school and our curriculum, however, if you have any questions then please do get in touch.


I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming year.

Mr Collin  











Yr 6

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Our Changing World

The Nature Library

Body Pump/ Body Health

Light Up Your World

Everything Changes

Danger Low Voltage




micro bits



We are App planners

We are App Designers


Marketing Campaign

Creating Social Media Profiles


Sketching / murals

Making Ceramic Poppies

Tudor Rose



Portraits (self and of inventors)


Greek Pottery and Sculpture

Model Trenches

The Globe Theatre

Chocolate (designing a bar)

Sustainable Packaging

Designing a board game (Link to circuits)


Global Warning/Climate Change

Modern Day Europe

Tudor Explorers

South America (The Amazon)

Our World and the Future

Climate Change


Ancient Greece

Impact of War




Impact of War


Inventors (Eddison)


I’ll be there

Classroom Jazz 2

A New Year Carol


You’ve got a friend

Reflect, Rewind and Replay


What helps Hindus to worship?

How is God three – and yet one?


What do the Gospels say about the birth of Jesus – and why is it ‘good news’?

Adam, Eve, Christmas, Easter: What are the connections?

Did Jesus have to die?

What is the ‘Buddhist way of life’?

How can churches help us to understand Christian belief?


Say no!

It’s our world


Who Likes Chocolate?

People Around Us

Money Matters





Martial Arts Dance




Tag Rugby


Stretching and Movement









Self Defence


Bon Appétit

Je suis le musician

En Route pour l’école

Scéne de plage

Le retour du printemps

Les planétes



All pupils in the school are given weekly homework and we ask that maximum effort is given to ensure it is completed and returned on time. Although we hope the children are able to take some responsibility and complete their work independently, we are delighted when parents choose to help children who become stuck. Please don't be afraid to support your child if they need some support and extra help at home. Should a set task baffle adults, please don't hesitate to come and see me.


All homework is expected to be completed to the same standard as classwork - poor presentation and effort will be not be accepted here at Thorpe Lea. 



As the title suggests, these activities can be completed out of choice! Every week I will suggest an activity to take part in with family and friends. I appreciate that there might not time available to complete the activities each week but they are designed to encourage the children to get creative, go outside or interact with others and I strongly encourage you to participate where possible!



Your child is expected to read every evening for 10 minutes. They need to bring their reading book and signed homework diary into school every morning. Children who do not read at home will need to catch up with it during their lunchtime. The expectation is that they read one book a week in-depth. I would also like to see a mix of fiction and non fiction books. As a class, we are not as confident or fluent as we need to be. It is a major area of development which we will work on together!


As well as the two tasks above, your child will also be provided with one or more of the following topics each week. 



Your child will be provided with a spelling rule on a Thursday and a list of words connected with this rule. Each morning we will practice the spellings before holding a test on Thursday morning. These words will taken predominantly from the Year 5 and 6 spelling word list which can be found in the National Curriculum. 



Pupils are asked to practice their times tables on a short, daily routine. They will usually have a times tables test on Monday; however their knowledge of their number facts greatly improves their daily performance in numeracy.


A piece maths homework will be provided on a bi-weekly basis (on rotation with literacy) which will require children to talk about their maths and use different strategies to work out the answers.

Anyone who is unable to complete homework at home, can attend homework club in our Library and ICT suite on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes.



The school have implemented a new scheme in the classroom based on the concept of philosophy. Children are encouraged to share ideas, opinions and verbalise their thoughts in response to questions and topics created by the children themselves. The topics are wide ranging but allow the children the opportunity to think before responding. Should P4C be included in the homework, please try to spend a little time with your child discussing the chosen subject and encouraging them to articulate their thoughts and opinions.


Please note with SATs approaching later in the school year, additional homework will be given to help pupils prepare thoroughly. Should you wish for your child to have additional homework to help consolidate their learning, please come and speak with me.


Homework hand out day: Thursday

Homework is due in day: Tuesday

(Should there be any problem with meeting the weekly deadline, please speak to me before Thursday)

Example homework template



I have provided some ideas for how to help support your child at home to enable them to acquire the skills they will need here at Thorpe Lea and beyond.  I have included documents about supporting your child in reading, writing and with their speaking and listening skills. It is so important that home and school work together to help children reach their full potential so I hope this will provide few ideas about how this can be achieved.


Please let me know if you have found this useful or have any further questions.


Helping your child to read with greater understanding

Supporting your child with practical every day maths skills

Helping your child through questioning

Developing advanced Speaking and Listening skills with your child

Encouraging your child to write with freedom

Additional Online Maths and Literacy Programmes


Web Links for SATS preparation