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Our curriculum

Rationale for using Abacus Active Learn:

We use Abacus because it ensures that full coverage of the national curriculum is taught; it provides differentiated and progressive lessons across each year group and across the school. It follows a scaffolded approach; provides summative and formative assessment; as well as interactive resources. It also provides explanation videos for staff and parents to support our children.

Abacus helps our teaching staff with planning as it gives clear structure and progression but also allows for freedom to adapt lessons/ activities to best suit the learners. It supports our visual learners with the interactive 'screens' to engaged children during input as well as creating innovative activities to engage and progress all learners. mastery checkpoints are given out each week to further challenge our more able pupils.

The assessments provided help our teachers to identify any gaps in learning or misconceptions which will in turn support them in creating interventions to address these.