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School Clubs

About our clubs

Disney Art Club 

Magic will come to Thorpe Lea as your child will be making items that links with a Disney film each week.

Running & Walking Club 

Don’t be put off by the term ‘running club, as this includes all types of movement, whether it’s walking, skipping or jogging, so the children’s fitness levels, self-esteem & confidence gets a boost too before the day has started.

Book Buddies 

Working together the children will be reading extracts/looking at pictures from a selection of books and can write, draw a picture or act out what happens next.


Rounders is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams. Rounders is a striking and fielding team game, hit a ball with a bat, the players score by running around the four bases on the field.

Mini choir

Children will learn various songs. You do not need an amazing singing voice, just enthusiasm and a sense of fun!


Choir is open to anyone who enjoys singing. We sing a variety of songs and aim to take part in many concerts as possible, from singing with thousands of others at the O2 to singing in our local community. You do not need an amazing singing voice, just enthusiasm and team spirit!


Make decorative craft items. They will use and learn about the variety of arts & crafts resources and materials. During the art sessions the children’s creative, imaginative and motor skills will be gained and enhanced.  


In Dance Club, you will be learning a variety of styles and techniques from different cultural backgrounds such as Latin, Zumba and Modern. Not only will you learn how to dance but you will improve your balance, co-ordination and memory skills in a fun way! 

Fine Motor Skills 

Little Fingers club is designed to help develop and strengthen your child's fine motor skills with a range of activities each week. This will be done as a carousel affect so they have the opportunity to choose what skill they want to practise e.g. threading, putting beads on a board, colouring, painting in the lines, practising holding a pencil properly and writing letters, holding scissors correctly and cutting to the line as close as they can.


In athletics club we will be doing track events, which involve all forms of running and walking. We will also be participating in field events, which involve throwing & jumping.

Computer Coding

This club will teach children about coding and programming. In kid-friendly terms, coding is using a set of instructions to communicate with computers. There are different coding languages and they all have different rules and uses, but they all give computers instructions on how to do specific tasks.